Nice easy trail and is very good if you are starting hike or training for a longer trail. however the miles is off, it 8 miles, not 6.5.

trail running
2 months ago

It was a relatively flat trail with only a couple of very slight elevations. Also, there was only a few trip hazard areas with large tree roots sticking out of the ground. It was pretty secluded with a lot of shade. It was perfect for trail running. However the boardwalk about a mile in is now closed for repairs.

trail running
3 months ago

Shaded for the most part but a few sunny patches. Some inclines and not too many stumps or rocks. An easy walk or a moderate trail run. Fairly secluded although there is a section where the trail runs behind people's homes. $2 per person entrance fee.

Heads-up - the trail is now closed in the middle due to damage to the boardwalk. You can still get about a mile starting from Sandy Creek Nature Center, or something over 2 miles if you start from Sandy Creek Park.

Trail is easy with very little elevation change other than the mile or so closest to Sandy Creek Park. In season, the mosquitos are nightmarish, even with repellent. Still, it's a lovely trail.

It was a good trial and well mark. I has a pack of 30lb and had my small dog. It had only a few small hill nothing too hard to do. Great trail for newbies.

I am a novice in hiking, so unsure how to rate the trail. We went on a Thursday after school was in session and only encountered 3 other hikers. The trail was steeper than we expected (in places) but still not difficult. Bathrooms were well maintained. Trails also very nice and paths clear. A few more signs along the trail might be nice. We had our dog with us, but bank was steep so her access was limited. Bring water! We did and used it often--not for us, but for the dog! My husband and myself are in our late 60's. Park was free for our age.

Good train. A few trees down across the trail in a few places, but they didn't keep me from continuing. Starting on the back side of the lake the trail was a little easier.

We logged 7.5 miles on the trail. Wetland area is beautiful

A little surprisingly steep in places, but on the whole a surprising good hike for your typical round-the-lake loop. Some truly breathtaking overlooks on the lake when the trail runs down the shore. Close by, well-maintained and a nice length.

Muddy trail, and we had to turn back about a mile from the Nature Center because it was completely washed out and my dog can't do the whole log-bridge thing. Overall though I love walking this trail every chance I get.

Longer than you might think, but not too strenuous. There are a few mild grades but the trail is well maintained and smooth. The scenery isn't much but it's a nice peaceful walk in the woods.

1 year ago

The Cooks Trail hike in Oct. right after many days of rain a couple of weeks earlier expected it to be sloppy. Was not sloppy. Was pleasantly surprised at the lack of mud. Wonderful hike right by Sandy Creek, flat and lots of plants and vegetation. No wildlife this time.

Great low key hike. I'm out here often with my dog. At a nice leisure pace, it generally takes me 2.5 hours.

It wasn't hard but it was a bit more than easy. You def had to pay attention. Really nice because it was more than walking on a trail and less than hiking a mountain. And 7 miles is nothing to sneeze at :). Enjoy!

1 year ago

Named after an amazing man who has made and continues to up keep over 80 trails. He is an icon in the hiking community Dr Walter Cook, we thank you!

Easy, family friendly. Shady for most parts and good if you just want to get out and walk for a bit.

trail running
2 years ago

Nice soft trail with 3 hills - 1 at the beginning, the middle, and the end entering Sandy Creek Park. The majority of the 2nd mile is spent on a very long boardwalk that my knees didn't enjoy due to erosion which has caused parts of the boardwalk to tilt to one side or the other.