Beautiful paved trail around the lake and unpaved through the woods.

This is an incredible park with great trails on the hill through the woods.

1 month ago

Mulberry Park is beautifully scenic, with both Miller Lake and Mulberry Pond, offering a variety of trails, paths, picnic areas, and children's playground equipment. You may choose to run, walk, ride your bike, or use the equestrian trails. It's pet friendly, with leashes required.

trail running
2 months ago

This park is beautiful- even when you get into the wooded parts of the trail. Always so clean!

beautiful park

3 months ago

My dog and I have walked here almost every weekend for years. The trails are paved and unpaved, flat and hilly and sunny and shady. They intersect in many places. You can walk as much or as little as you like and, when you get tired, there are lots of places to sit and rest. We go very early and it isn't crowded. Our favorite park, by far.

I used the 2.20 paved, multi-use Miller Trail Loop which goes around Miller Lake. Well marked and adequate trash cans along the way. It was a beautiful Sunday in April. Parking lot was practically full. I hardly was ever alone on the trail. Expect cyclists and skate boarders on the trail along with walkers, runners, and leashed dogs.

8 months ago

We followed the ravine loop trail. Walking from parking and on the trail was just over 3 miles. Lots of trails here to explore, several of them shaded. Expect to find full sun around the meadow but the trail through the woods was nicely shaded with several pretty steep hills.

Hiked this trail on Super Bowl Sunday so I'm not sure how crowded it usually gets, but on this day it was relatively quiet. Lots of paved and unpaved trails with several off-shoots. With all of the loops you can make your hike as long or as short as you want. It is best to download a map ahead of time though because there are many intersecting trails.

I have walked or run the trails many times but a couple years ago I walked up on a black bear. It was the one and only time that ever happened.

10 months ago

Great trail. There are few to no maps throughout the trail, so considering downloading the map before and plan the trip better than we did! We parked off fence road, took the first dirt trail we saw, hiked about 3 miles and when the trail ended we were on the opposites idea of the park from our car, so definitely plan and look at the map to consider which entrance to park near.

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1 year ago

Good little walking park

trail running
1 year ago

I've been coming here for years and haven't ventured outside of a small 0.5 mile loop that I usually run with the dog. I definitely didn't think there was 6 miles worth of trail, but I'd actually say there's more than that. About 1.5 miles in on the paved trail there is "East Mulberry Trail" which is good, steep hiking (5.6 miles). Also cross-country running and biking trails, as well as equestrian. It's just crazy that I've been coming here for years and never even realized how vast this place is.

trail running
1 year ago

This is a great 3 mile trail loop with the best opportunity for hill work with out driving to the north ga mountains. Park at the equestrian parking on Mineral Springs Road and it's all up hill for the first 1.5 miles. I usually run the first loop and then turn around and run it again the other direction. The paved track around the lake is also a great 2.2 mile cool down.

If I were to rate this trail based entirely on my own personal preference rather than how well-kept the park is, my rating would be quite a bit lower. This is not "hiking" really. There is an equestrian trail and a very short 2-mile "hiking trail" loop, but there is NOT 6-miles of dedicated hiking trails. Maybe if you include the equestrian trails or paved areas it might add up to 6 miles. The equestrian trails are not marked and you pretty much are constantly running into intersections with other unmarked, unmapped trails. It never really feels like you get "out there" with nature." A lot of times you have to guess based on approximate direction which way to go and hope you don't end up backtracking. (Which we did a few times.)

The walking and biking trails are well-kept, the lake is beautiful, and there is a lot of wildlife here. If you are from the city and just getting into hiking/walking, this might be the trail for you. But if you're used to trails where you really get away and out into the deep woods on well-marked trails, look elsewhere. Personally, just because of my own taste in hiking trails, I will not be visiting this place again.

Another one of Gwinnett county's nice hiking trails. Some of the trail is on pavement, but you can get into the woods for a moderatly hilly area of a couple of miles. Those miles are marked by many rock hills, old road bed, and along a stream.

This park is has a lot to offer. Great paved and natural running areas. Also has a steep grade option for a more challenging workout. Will definatly be adding this to the favorites.