1 month ago

This is a beautiful park

Great for biking, walking or running. Beautiful, shady paved trails.

road biking
3 months ago

Love to ride my bike or walk here. It's a perfect trail for kids and adults.

3 months ago

trail running
4 months ago

Very nice trail. Boardwalks keep you out of mud. Some incline/declines along way, but flat enough to keep a good pace.

Love the soft trails.

4 months ago

Very easy walk... We trekked to the Wildlife Overlook Trail (unpaved 0.8 mile extension) and came back... Just over 2 miles for us. We saw several people on bikes and walking... But we also had a good bit of privacy so it was nice.

The directions take you to the Water Treatment Center, so you CANNOT enter there (the signs are not to be ignored). Instead go down Buford Hwy and the entrance is literally JUST past the I-85 South exit... As in you kind of have to turn into the traffic coming off the interstate to get to the very tiny unmarked parking lot. There were other cars there too, but it seemed like there should be a better entrance somewhere!

Overall it's a nice little slice of secluded woods in a very developed area. If you're looking for an easy walk close by and if you can find your way there, I'd definitely recommend!

mountain biking
5 months ago