A Turning Point in Military History For much of the 19th century, masonry fortifications were the United States

trail running
21 days ago

Love this walking trail over the Tybee Railway along the south channel of the Savannah River near our home! Birds, fiddler crabs. Perfect for biking, running, or just walking. Observe the tidal changes and walk over the bridge to Ft Pulaski!

1 year ago

Although I'm not for the confederates, I enjoyed Ft. Pulaski! It's full of history and there are some awesome trails to hike! We only did the Fort Perimeter Trail but, now I have to complete all of them!

1 year ago

The fort and everything around it is spectacular I hiked out to see the small lighthouse and the trail was maintained.

Very easy trails and wonderful to take your dogs. water access on several points so dogs can cool off, and Fort itself is very cool and filled with history. Dogs allowed access inside the fort as well.

on Fort Pulaski

1 year ago

2 years ago

Yes the tour of the Fort is amazing but I am only writing this review on the trails around the Fort so don't be confused. Granted this is a lovely area along the Savannah River, be warned, there is a reason why malaria caused high death rates here. During the summer months you can not cut through the misquotes with a can of DET bug spray. I always carry this during the summer months and on this occasion I used half a can on my Girlfriend and I. They were still bitting me through my clothing. The only way to escape was to jog back to my truck and randomly spray a cloud of DET behind me. Overall, this is a awesome park with cool trails and buildings all around the property. My only suggestion is go during the winter months when the bugs aren't so bad.

nature trips
3 years ago

Beautiful area. Explore the inside of the Fort, walk around the perimeter, explore past the fort to the Savannah river and watch massive cargo ships, or view Tybee Island and Cockspur Lighthouse. Great for picnics. Lots of photo ops. Deer can be seen towards evening. Alligators can be seen in the inland canals and ponds. Walking is my prefered method. Biking is not bad, but I don't like riding over grass. Personal choice.

scenic driving
4 years ago

Had a fantastic time, went to the Fort Pulaski site and there was all kinds of history to be viewed. The area has many old trees that proves to be an interesting photographic subject along with the Fort and cannons. Take a detour and go over the the National Guard location, there is a fishing area, and huge ships come sailing by creating some fantastic viewing. You might even see the Coast Guard leave on patrol. Upon entering the park you can see people fishing from the brige as the fish one of the waterways that surround the park, you can see a variety of birds and wildlife around this area.