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Located near Callaway Gardens and the quaint town of Warm Springs, this park is deeply rooted in the historical era of four-time President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Seeking a place for treatment after he was stricken with polio in 1921, Roosevelt traveled to Warm Springs and built his Little White House. Several structures within the park were built by Roosevelts Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression. Above Kings Gap is Dowdells Knob, Roosevelts favorite picnic spot overlooking a magnificent view of the valley below. A life-size sculpture of the beloved president welcomes visitors to the overlook. Hikers will enjoy the scenic trails in Georgias largest state park, especially the Pine Mountain Trail, which winds through a mix of hardwoods and pines. The trail's highest elevation is 1,395 feet. Pine Mountain is on the southern-most edge of the Appalachian Mountain range. Hikers are sometimes surprised to find this terrain in middle Georgia. One of the park's most popular amenities is the historic "Liberty Bell Pool" built by the CCC and fed by naturally cool springs.

18 days ago

Definitely would recommend for anyone !!!

Great hike! We went 17 miles in an overnight adventure. Camped at Bethel Campsite. The trail was nicely maintained, beautiful views, some small falls along the way and a host of wildlife.

Challenging for a beginner. Pay close attention to trail markers and your step. It's easy to trip on rocks. Pretty views up top and creek in ravine.

One of my favorite places to be. I can't wait to go back down and hike another portion of the trails in the state park! This turned out to be a long and arduous hike, we wound up doing right at 12 miles that day. Sans map!!

Went with the the family to hike this trail and found out the trail is less than a mile long. The trail just leads to an outcropping on the hillside for a decent view, but this is not a loop trail.

3 months ago

Kids Loved it - great views for Mid GA!

Great trail, truly a moderate trail. East end is the most popular. Wolf's den loop is really busy with a couple decent camp sites. The rest of the trail is usually quiet and not as busy. Good for families and very dog friendly. If you want a good 3-4 day trek you can do the entire 23 miles of the trail.

6 months ago


Good. Narrow trail. Has several great views that you can stop and enjoy.

Really enjoyed the beautiful view from Dowdell Knob

Easy hike. Rocky in some areas so watch your step. It has some nice views.

1 year ago

Pine mountain is a great place but unfortunately there isn't much to see for wildlife or plant diversity on fdr state park anymore due to fire suppression. There are some old longleaf pine that are pretty neat but most of the forest is very young and thick, it would be a beautiful place if it was getting burned like it needs, the PMTA does a great job maintaining the trails but a great disservice meddling in park management.

The trail stays mostly up on the ridge line, it is uneven/rocky ground in places but is otherwise an easy walk. Expect ticks in the summer. In the winter there are nice views when the leaves are off.

In my opinion this is NOT an "easy" walking trail. Lots of up and down with 8 creek crossings over rocks where you WILL slip and get your feet wet, many large tree roots and rocks to trip over especially when you get tired. Unless you are in good shape you are going to be exhausted when you finish. The waterfall at the end is pretty but nothing really special. We were treated by a group of Millenials who decided to camp right on the waterfall so we couldn't take pictures or get a good look at the waterfall we had hiked all the way to see. Go figure the self-centeredness of some folks?

Finding the trail or section of trail you want to walk is darn near impossible as the $4.50 map is worthless and the park ranger I spoke to must have started that day as all of their directions just did not match with what we saw. So we did not get to walk the trail we came to walk.

After all that we will be back. Being in better shape will help as will knowing what we're going to face. There is shopping at nearby Pine Mountain and Calloway Gardens has recreation too. I enjoyed the hike though it was not what it says it is. Being in the woods along small streams is always nice and the Medium difficulty made sure I slept like a baby that night.


Overrated but of historic interest in that FDR used to stay there. Can see a statue of him there. Could run this trail in my opinion.