The Trail is Poorly marked so you could very easily get lost!

They logged a lot of the trail and it was not free n in that stretch. Trail by the river was best part

After making my way from the visitor center, I walked up the first flight of winding steps to the bridge overlook, midway down the falls. There were plenty of cascades and vegetation on my ascent. After photographing the falls, I went up another (slightly steeper) set of stairs to the top of the falls overlook.

If you'd rather, you can take the car up the road to the top of the falls- But, that's not as fun.

The Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area has an extensive horse, bike, and hiking trail network consisting of a waterfall along the Etowah river, an abundant of wildlife, and a well marked trail system.

While the area itself is a fantastically thought out and efforted stretch of land, maintenance and cleanliness are a real issue here. On the day of my hike, I saw many, many Bud Light cans on and along the trail. There was also a strong sense of a manufactured experience here.

I have to mention the horses. They're everywhere, but all of the riders I met were very pleasant and friendly. It's the horse shit that you should keep your eyes on. It's also everywhere.

Besides the shit, the gun range on the edge of the area was a pretty constant downer. All. Day.

We did see a crane, a deer, and a pretty gnarly black snake. It was pretty and an all right experience, but I won't be coming back here.

Great trail... kicked my old tired butt.... beautiful and busy with lots of people

The trail is being logged right now so it's pretty much impassible. Was on it 2 weeks ago and it was beautiful. Hopefully they will restore the trail

3 months ago

We went in the wrong trail at first. But we loved it the most.

Best 10-12 miles trail for MTB (orange+green). Wide trails , well signaled but shared with horse riders.No horse riders early in the morning

4 months ago

good trail.

fly fishing
5 months ago

Amazing views and the falls were great. Try to go within a few days of a good rain.

WAY too many steps but the view was awesome!

7 months ago

The waterfall is a gorgeous view. We did the Loop Trail and the Stairs up to the midway point. Stairs are strenuous but the loop trail has a nice recycled tire walkway most of the way. Great woodsy views.

7 months ago

Great trail for kids, the river walk part of the trail has a million dollar view at the end! This is truly an undiscovered gem glad we found it.