Short, shady, flat and easy!

Short, not the best hike along the Chattahoochee NRA but still good enough for a quick less than an hour hike.

Such a great place... Beautiful scenery.. Lots of trails..

This is a nice short trail to hit up when you just want to get outside for a bit. Took less than an hour to get fully around the loop and the incline was a good little workout! After the 8th marker you can go off the loop down a dead end trail where there's a couple cool little spots to step off the trail and sit by the water. Well covered by trees too which was nice on a day where it was 100 degrees out!

6 months ago

Starts out on a gravel trail. It's gets better once you get off of it and into the woods.

Once you venture away from the river, there's not a lot of "features" to visually behold in January, but it's still a lovely walk through nature. The area by the river entrance was popular, but we only passed a few people on the longest loop trail. The loop is quite steep if you take it clockwise, but the walk back down to the entrance is mild. (I wouldn't suggest going counterclockwise unless you are fairly sure footed to safely make it down the steepest sections.)

Very cool trail by the Chattahoochee

A nice mostly flat trail going along the river. There is a loop in the north east that has a very steep grade. I couldn't wait to get to the top to see the nice view of the ... back of someone's house. I was hoping for a river view, but instead it just goes up and back down. Too bad.

I work right up the road and pass this each day. It is a wonderful place to walk, hike, bike ride and just a relaxing place to enjoy the scenery.

Breathtaking. Seems remote, but safe at the same time. Would never know you are just on the outskirts of a big city like Atlanta.

1 year ago

Great hike to see birds and otters on the river.

Not good for hiking, but good kayak takeout point. Powers Island is a great place to put in a boat, and hit the small rapids on the hooch.