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The Chattahoochee National Forest covers 749,689 acres in north Georgia, managed by six ranger districts. Over 40 percent of the land in Fannin County is national forest land (106,000 acres). 40,006 acres are located in the Cohutta Ranger District and 66,097 in the Blue Ridge Ranger District. The forest receives more than 10 million visitors each year.

5 days ago

Hike is very scenic, almost entirely under forest canopy. Very well traveled, stays exceptionally busy. This appears to be a very popular place for hike in overnight camping. Parking lot stays very full, I would guess half the cars are people camping. The actual Raven Cliff Falls are not flowing much if anything now, but the entire hike follows a creek with several smaller falls. Dumpster at entrance overflowing with trash stacked all around it, and the pit toilets did smell big time. This is an enjoyable hike. Suggest finding odd hours or very early morning to avoid crowds and parking issues.

the waterfall was beautiful. lots of butterflies all around. very well maintained trail. the road driving in was a little rough but overall a beautiful hike.

Hiked in and out on 10.15.16.

The parking lot at the trailhead was full, people were parking on the roads. Bathrooms smelled really bad. Garbage dumpster was so full, there were trash bags piled all around it. Disgustingly overcrowded. Most hikers were rude, ready to run you off the trail. Most wore jeans and flip flops.

The trail itself was easy to hike. We had 3 of our kids with us, 13, 11, and 6 and they had no trouble making the round trip. Smaller waterfalls along the route were nice and the creek that the hike follows was a nice sight and sound. The anticlimactic point ? There was no water at the final , "big" waterfall. It was trickling water. Bummer.

Worth to hike once, but due to overcrowding will not come back.

Nice walk along the stream and dramatic rock by the falls. Good scrabble trail to get to the top of the falls. Don't miss the heart tree and the rope swing.

13 days ago

9 miles, I saw 4 people...this trail is challenging, serene and WORTH the effort!

6 miles. 3 in 3 out. Several nice smaller falls all of whose base can be accessed with a scramble. Sincerely enjoyed every minute of this hike. Suggest departing the trailhead at sunrise. My hike was delightfully people free. After 11am, the critters start stirring.

the directions take you to the swinging bridge. with all of the recent drought, there are a lot of false trails. the trail markers are kind of faded around the bridge. my dog and I ended up at Appalachian Trail and Benton MacKaye Trail Junction. that would have been fine, but the spring along the way was dried up.
I've since looked over the map and directions and still can't decipher the brown squiggly line that's supposed to be the route.
guess I'll try again with extra supplies in case I go off course again.

the area itself is beautiful and the swinging bridge is interesting. my dog hated the bridge though. the way I went was steep, so be prepared for that. I logged 148 floors climbed and descended.

28 days ago

Just finished this trail today. It's a good hike through fairly dense forest crossing small creeks at a few places. Not heavily traveled so it's very serene. Scenic, though there are not really any significant views that I could see. It goes uphill most of the way to the AT, and it was somewhat strenuous at the pace I chose to take it. This is the kind of trail I prefer; it offers a moderate amount of physical exertion but little actual danger or tricky situations. The trail itself is well blazed most of the way and very clearly visible throughout.

After reaching the intersection of the AT, having a little extra time and energy, I elected to follow that trail south for about 1.5 or 2 miles to Preacher's rock overlook. Though not on this trail, that overlook was really great and totally worth the extra miles, especially considering most of the way back was downhill. Though, that overlook can be reached more easily by parking at the Woody Gap parking lot; it's only about a mile or so from there. So if Preacher's rock is your goal, this trail isn't the best way to reach it, though going the shorter way you'll trade the miles for solitude; that route it pretty heavily trafficked. Coming back to this trail, it was a really good walk through scenic forest and I'll definitely recommend it.

My family and I day-hiked this trail today. It is one of the more strenuous trails in the area, but we enjoyed the challenge. There are not many views along the trail other than the small section of clearing at the Hike Inn. The inn did provide a nice place to rest and enjoy our lunch.

This trail was a great find. Very nice summit views and plenty of room to sit and rest in the shade while you enjoy them. There were a lot of cars at the trailhead, but most of the traffic seems to be departing in the opposite direction. We only saw a few other people along the way. Oh, and while most of the trail is easy, be prepared for some inclines near the overlooks.

Great day hike

1 month ago

Hiked this trail with a couple a friends a while ago! One, if not the best, of the most beautiful trails in the Dawson Wildlife area. Keep in mind you will want waterproof hiking boots, as there about 32 river crossings along the trail, some of which you will probably want to remove your boots entirely when its too deep. Its pretty challenging, even for experianced hikers. Probably best to overnight this one. Id take the conasauga early in the morning and hike my way to Panther creek, where there a ton of nice camping spots. Then either hike the trail back or take the hickory creek trail to the service road. TONS OF ANIMALS. Its awesome honestly.

1 month ago

Excellent trail! It's a little rocky wear something with good ankle support.

on Toccoa River Trail

1 month ago

My husband and I (and our dog) parked by the swinging bridge and hiked up to Bryson's Gap and back. All together just shy of 8 miles that is pretty straight uphill for the first 2. Took us just shy of four hours and we didnt run into a single other person until we returned to the swinging bridge. Great hike and will definately do it again - especially once the leaves are down so we can take in what look to be some pretty amazing views.