Pretty Eeasy, a few decent views if you know where to look. Many variations possible, not very flat. Much Shade

Great place for Soccer moms to gossip on flat ground.. not much else to it.. other than crowds of people.

Nice place to run with friends, but crowded.

We hiked both the East and West Palisades' trails this weekend. We found this one to be the more challenging of the two. The bottom half of the hike has a lot if loose rock in it and is fairly steep.

trail running
3 months ago

Loved this trail! Great place for a scenic morning run.

sidewalk was narrow only in about 5% of the trail. the rest of the trail had at least 7ft wide sidewalks. nice trail. We enjoyed the scenery. great for a morning jog.

Good trail that can have challenging sections. Scenic parts overlook the Chattahoochee river and go down to the bank.

5 months ago

I frequently walk this trail and hang out down by the beach when it's nice out. Not a busy trail because it is a little bit hidden but it's a prime spot for any outdoor enthusiast.

Nice trail along the river; very scenic.

10 months ago

This is a Golf Course and Football and Baseball and Tennis Courts. not much else of Park. 90 percent of green is space is wasted on Golf. Sidewalks are there to offer a trail, but its Way too narrow. and with all the people it just not a trail to go on if you just want the hike. However the best park of this Trail is the Yoga Pants.

Amazing! This park and Piedmont are now my two favorites. Chastain being number 1! Once you get the direction of the trail under control, it's so beautiful and relaxing to run. The hills got me, I won't lie. But, it's well worth it. 5 stars

1 year ago


Enjoyed this trail today and it is a nice getaway very close to Vinings & Cumberland Mall area. The entrance to the parking is just south of where Paces Mill intersects Cobb Parkway. Plenty of parking and restrooms. There is a boat ramp here too. We saw a few kayaks and paddle boards using it. There also is designated areas for a shuttle to drop of people. The State Park Dept has two places to make a $3 donation via cash in an envelope or by credit card. Once you start walking, you will be on a paved trail much like the Silver Comet Trail. This is called the Bob Callan trail. Very quickly, you will walk under I-75 and cross a small bridge at the river. If you stay on the paved path, the Bob Callan trail will go a couple miles north following Cumberland Blvd to another small parking lot near Akers Mill. If you go right on West Palisades trail, you will follow a dirt trail along the river that loops into the woods and uphill. This can be a bit strenuous. We saw a lot of dog walkers and families but no bikes.

Steep but short decent from the northern parking lot to the river. Beautiful views of the river and rocks on the north end. Restrooms located by the river on the north end. No trail connection between north and south ends along river, you must follow the trail up to the ridge and traverse there.

3 years ago

Most of the trails along the Chattahoochee River have maps at each split in the trail; this one does not seem to follow that trend. I ended up going in circles & it was a little frustrating. Nevertheless some part of the trail goes alongside the river & when I was there the other day the water level was high & had a relaxing sound. There were some guys on the river in kayaks, which I'm assuming belonged to them, but it definitely looked like a fun place to canoe/ kayak if you do have your own equipment.

4 years ago

Steep at spots and could use better markings. Still a nice hike without leaving the city limits. Despite the urban surroundings, you hear very little traffic and only see a few buildings here and there.