Amazing trial and with the fall colors its looks fantastic one of the best around cumming GA

Took a group of Teen girls hiking. They loved the beauty of the trail, nice places to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, very calming.

It's an easy hike. Nice only if you don't mind hearing cars around you or seeing power lines.

Me dad and me always go in the hike just for a good time, or to condition ourselves for sports. Even if you aren't the person who doesn't like to hike, you can in the middle of the trail and go to the "beach" and hangout in the water.

2 months ago

The Laurel Ridge Trail is a short, four or so mile loop trail in Buford, Georgia that winds around the area close to the Buford Dam on Lake Sidney Lanier. The trail is a moderately strenuous path which features fantastic views of the lake, plenty of interesting footpaths and a variety of scenic forest surroundings.

My daughter, a friend and I completed the loop in about two and a half hours with a short break midway through to enjoy lunch under one of the many covered pavilions. Facilities included bathrooms, picnic tables, plenty of benches and a handful of water fountains along the way.

While not your typical mountainous trail, the walk here was pleasant, and I'd recommend it to anyone in the area looking for an afternoon in the woods.

New to trail running! This was a perfect start. Picturesque and peacful especially for this NY boy!

3 months ago

I wouldnt consider this a hike, however that is subjective depending on your fitness level. It was very scenic and beautiful. However we did get lost off the trails, (of course not the trails fault) and we ended up on Bowman Trail. Both trails were very nice and clean. Trafficking is pretty slim, at least on the day we went. All in all, it was real nice!

Great wooded trail. Overall easy trail. Saw a couple of deer. Nice view of the lake. Wasn't too busy on a week day. Army Corps of Engineers property so no firearms are allowed. Pets are not allowed on the trail.

Nice trail. Not marked very well.

Great place. Very foresty though (I dot know? Is that a word? It is now!) definitely bring some bug spray!

5 months ago

This was a nice easy hike. The Trail was was marked and maintained.

5 months ago

It was a very nice trail with some challenging hills. The only thing I didn't like was that when you start getting to the recreation areas, the trail is not very well marked, and it is easy to get confused about where to go.

Note - Dogs NOT allowed in Buford Dam Park

Most of the trail was not busy at all and this was on a Sunday. If you do the whole loop you get to see all different parts of the park. A very pleasant day spent hiking.

I ran this trail today foe the first time and got lost several times. if you cross the road from the parking lot and follow the trail you come to parking lot which is confusing . go right and follow the sidewalk. you will see the little hiker and the white spots on the trees . (to the left ) you will come to another parking lot . walk across , bathrooms to your right , you go down a little incline and then at the end go left . if you go right you will go to the beach and that's the wrong way . I hope this helps . it was a really pretty run otherwise! !