30 miles from the terminus of the Appalachian trail, (at Springer Mountain) Blood Mountain is the second highest peak in GA, and the highest in GA on the appalachian trail at 4,459 ft. By the time through hikers reach Neel's Gap 2.2 miles from the peak, they are ready to shed some gear. The Walasi-Yi inn is a great hostel with nice folks and a great store for everything hikers need. Blood mountain has a famous rock and wood shelter/cabin that was built by the CCC in the 1930s. It is two rooms, but is notorious for mice and a skunk. Picnic rock, just above the cabin is a great place to eat lunch or dry out your gear in the sun. Nearby Vogel State Park, and Lake Winfield Scott are great recreation/camping areas. Blood Mountain and Slaughter Gap are named after a Native American battle (pre-white settlers) that was so vicious, the mountain ran red with blood (or so the story and history marker goes...).

one of my favorite places on earth!

Hard getting up towards the end. Beautiful view! Short hike overall

good trail. connects up with the AT. taken care of and peaceful. good to hike into the AT.

I've hiked this a few times. I always underestimate the difficulty right at the top. A little rough but the view makes it worth it.

Fun hike..a bit rocky and steep in parts, but totally beautiful views.

Great hike with fantastic views! Love bringing friends up here. Great places to chill and hang hammocks at top!

This trail was so worth the view! Make sure you're hydrated on hot summer days though. Lots of shade in trail. Clear beautiful view up top.

Easy enough for a new beginner!

New favorite, totally recommend if you're looking for a quick hike with amazing views!

Combined with Preachers Rock to Neels Gap. Great hike.

Great, quick hike with a great reward !!!

Excellent afternoon jaunt. It is a quick in-and-out to Woody Gap. Bring a lunch or a friend. Parking and Restrooms available at Woody Gap. Take the AT up to the rock (less than 30 minutes. The last 500 feet or so are a little steep but this is good for beginners to get a quick reward.

Will upload photos.

It was fairly easy. The rock hills towards the end were kinda tricky to get up but overall easy!