Definitely a big crowd during the January thaw, but there were some great views and the trails were in good shape.

great hike but super crowded. saw 20 or more people along the way.

Beautiful. Lots of great creeks and rock formations. Not hard at all.

Nice trail! There are actually several trails here that can be done separately or together. The elevation was a piece of cake, even when we climbed up the little mountain it wasn't very steep. We had two dogs and a kid and it was great for everybody. Nice for a beginners hike. Maybe not challenging enough for some.

Great 8.3 mile hike. We added a few extra miles.

It has forest, lake and a beautiful mountain rock trail. Lots of varied options

This is a great spot to get out in the woods and enjoy some interesting terrain that is real close to Atlanta. It gives you similar terrain as Stone Mt without the huge crowds. If you get back in the woods you feel very secluded. The Arabia mt hike offers a nice little summit hike kids can do. Take some water as the heat will amplify when hiking on the rocks. The area is wide open because a lot of the granite exposures and you can bushwhack pretty easily through the wooded areas. We only hiked to the summit and a bit around but want to go back and check out the lake.