Beautiful wooded area. Trails are extremely well marked. The dirt and gravel roads are great, but the deep-woods trails may flood out after rain.

0300, my alarm goes off, I just married my wife yesterday and today she had to fly out of JAX. I drive her down and left the airport and made it to the trailhead with an hour before sunrise. I ate a breakfast on the camp stove and waited for day to break. The sound of the wind racing through the treetops was all I could hear. As day started to break I noticed a very clean and neat trail and started my hike. I only found a few traces of trash and very few human foot prints. Although coyote or feral dog prints were all about. I saw a spike and two does. Near the end of the hike I came across the equipment sheds for the troopers and inspected from afar to only see one old man napping in a truck while a light rain fell. I left the trail for a little while to build a small shelter for fun (see if you can find it). Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this hike and will return. Thank you to the troopers who maintain these lands and trails, great job guys.