This segment of the Florida Trail goes from the Cross Florida Barge Canal, through the Rice Creek Conservation Area, and north through the Etoniah Creek State Forest. Going north, the segment starts along rural roads. They aren't heavily trafficked and the locals won't bother you. Once you enter the Rice Creek Conservation Area, you will have a blast on Hoffman's Crossing, a 1/3 mile long narrow rickety boardwalk over the swamp. Watch for snakes! If you are hiking the Florida Trail, you will definitely enjoy the overnight stay at the Rice Creek Hilton, a screened-in loft over a picnic area. There is a pitcher-pump for well water here too. Not far from here is a huge cypress tree. Seriously huge. Follow the markers and you won't miss it. Be careful crossing SR 100 as cars speed and drivers can be drowsy. Follow along the Palatka-Lake Butler rail trail, which is a nice wide paved trail, popular with bicyclists. Keep on going through the Etoniah State Forest. Bugs will be bad in the spring and summer, because it's Florida.