Great reward with the sinkhole and cemetery but not kid-friendly with poorly maintained trails and SO many sand spurs. Hiked with an adventurous 5 year old but wouldn't recommend it to parents. Beautiful forest and plant life.

1 month ago

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Amazing hike, a lot of history

the hiking trail is hard to find. You need to park in the overflow parking for the RV campground then the start is located behind what looks like an abandoned restroom facility. It is a nice trail with some gorgeous huge cypress trees located about halfway through the trail. You better bring some bug spray on warm days though. the yellow flies can be tough

Short trail but a nice few along the creek with the bubbling springs along the way. The boardwalk makes for an easy walk

This trail isn't located in Eustis, FL.

Nice camping sites. The spring water is so clear it was an amazing place.

This is s short trail , mostly you walk on the boardwalk but very beautiful. Few spits where you see the water bubbling from the ground. Very impressive. Nice and easy walk.

Went on July 8-9th, got a late start so we had to battle a lot of spiders at night. We didn't get in until after midnight. But going through the prairie was beautiful, and a group of A-10 Warthogs practicing at the naval bombing range was a nice way to start the trail. I wouldn't recommend hiking in the middle of the summer, going back when the weather is more favorable!!

Silver River excellent River to kayak. Beautiful scenery and best of all the sight of many wild monkeys. Also the river goes along the old Fort King village awesome to see.

Beautiful trail. Love the history behind it and the sites such as the cemetery and the sinkhole.

Alexander springs to buck lake. From thicK Forrest to pine trees to beach type bush. Saw deer, heard wild hogs & birds and had to keep plucking ticks off my clothes.

1 year ago

Florida Trail, nice rolling pines, well marked with benches every mile or so.

1 year ago

cross Florida Trail, nice rolling pines, well marked, benches every mile or so.

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1 year ago

nice rolling pine forest, easy well marked

Hiked this trail this past Saturday. We had great weather , was a great hike. Took a refreshing dip in Hidden Pond. The hand water well pump is not working at Hopkins Prairie. The campground at Hopkins Prairie was a lot better than I thought it would be.

This was a very good trail. My first solo. Since hidden pond is at the halfway mark, I recommend boiling your water here or it's roughly a 5 mile hike each way with minimal water (at least when I went in February)Hopkins Prarie has a beautiful sunset and sunrise. Not many ticks as long as you stay on the trail. Would recommend as an easy trail. Pump was turned off at Hopkins because of high amoeba as of 2-21-15. You should always boil it anyways, right? Met awesome people too!