10 days ago

This is a great place to view alligators, birds, bison, horses, and others wildlife. The trail is part boardwalk and part grassy path. There is a tower at the end for long range viewing. We walked the trail with kids....no problem. Gators were PLENTIFUL and close. Horses were even closer, right on the trail. The bison were a distance away when we were there but it was clear that they frequent the trail as well. This is a wonderful place! The only negative I could come up with is that the parking area can get really full and you may have to park along the entry road and walk in. Not a big deal at all.

Super easy and nice trail ending in a two story tower which is great for bird watching! $4 per car. Maintained really well. You can see horses, alligators, birds and the occasional bison!

great place to see alligators in the wintertime and accessible for everyone

It is gorgious and quiet allows for your thoughts to wadh away and just enjoy what is in front of you.

3 months ago

Not a hike, but a nice nature trail where you are at least guaranteed to see wild alligators without any barriers. Lots of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and occasionally wild horses and boar.

It can get pretty hot and uncomfortable with the saturated humidity, so try to go in the morning.

Easy walk, good for a stroller. Saw lots of wildlife but the gators were the neatest since you are so close.

8 months ago

Awesome trail! Monster gators within 8' of you, wild horses, bison, and hogs. Hot with no tree cover, overlook at the end of the trail

Nice nature hike. It has a finished raised boardwalk. We saw alligators, birds, horses and wild hogs. Fairly easy walk.

10 months ago

Fun trail. Will definitely go back to explore more

Great time out on the trail!

Really a nature walk. The raised boardwalk by the water was closed for construction. 4 stars if that feature was open. The bypass doesn't offer much in comparison. We didn't see any bison/ horses but that's probably a time of day issue. The potential for an amazing experience is there so we'll visit whenever we're in town.

1 year ago

Alligators, wild horses, flowers... beautiful small easy trail... you can bike all the way to the entrance and hike the rest of the way. Sometimes you can get stuck because a huge gator is sleeping in front of you.

on La Chua Trail

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Awesome experience & I highly recommend it. A fairly flat hike as you might expect from the location. Pretty diverse wildlife throughout the trail walk-gators, turtles, wild horses, & numerous species of birds.

4 years ago

Very easy trail, great for children, beginners and elders. Trail is part paved, part boardwalk and mostly dirt road, not for those looking for wilderness trails. Great birding.
Great for wildlife, Bison, Wild Horses, Alligators and many small animals. Much to see. little shade, bring sun screen. Three miles out and back with many stops.