No trails here just a camping and fishing area

5 months ago


8 months ago

His place was great. You'll find carved-out trails you can follow, or plenty of area to hike on your own terms, off the beaten path. Great water clearings. Camping sites, shelters, bathrooms, and plenty of picnic tables scattered around.

Will definitely be returning here for more hikes.

1 year ago

I've been here many time over the last ten years. There isn't really a set "trail." It's essentially a lot of trees and spaces between the trees. It's a good area to walk around in. The trees provide some very slight elevation changes. Most people use this area to bike rather than hike, but it's good for either. Watch where you're walking though; there are horse trails nearby and so horses combined with tree roots protruding from the ground provide some interesting obstacles :)

2 years ago

Nice trail, not a far drive from Tampa, beautiful grounds! Much to do in park, kayaking, camping (tent or RV). Lots of feral cats though. Take your camera - trails can be quite slick when it rains