Easy! Peaceful! Pleasant! Quiet! Great to picnic along the way. You may encounter deer like we did. Keep in mind there are no trash receptacles or bathrooms.

Great walking trail that is basically shaded by trees. Maps posted along trails for positional reference.

6 months ago

Awesome amount of shaded trail. I saw deer, squirrels, and heard lots of birds. I was walking between 10am and 12 so I am sure earlier in the day would have revealed more animals.

An easy walk through both shaded and sunny areas. rivers, lakes, sloughs, swampy areas, fields and dense brush makes walking more interesting. Abundant wildlife visible including birds of prey, egrets, turkeys, blue jays, anoles (2 varieties) and insects including many mosquitoes. (Bring bug repellant!) No alligators visible although I was told hat they were present. I did hear a number of woodpeckers, but I could not stand still long enough to locate them. (Had to run from the mosquitoes as I did not have bug repellant.) Trails through swampy areas were raised and covered with crushed shells so your feet remained dry. Note, According to an employee, the park is approximately 1.25 miles long by .75 miles wide and it contained 12 miles of trails. There were many loops so one could walk as short or as long as one wanted and at most be 1.25 miles from the entrance.

Great trails for walking or biking. Trails go through varied environments and include paved, crushed shell and grass trails. Good signage to ensure no one gets lost. Trails are very well maintained. I was very impressed with this park and will definitely be coming back multiple times.
Bikes, canoes and kayaks can be rented at a concession at the park entrance..

Fun trip, top half(to second dam) fairly easy to moderate, second dam to Trapper Nelson's requires more skill, Trapper Nelson's to Jonathan Dickinson Park wide open and easy unless you get strong winds. Figure 5-6 hours unless you like to stop a lot. Abundant wildlife, especially turtles. Before Trapper Nelson's is narrow with switchbacks and possible strong currents, 12 foot kayak or bigger requires more skill level.

sea kayaking
2 years ago

Best kayaking trip ever. Im always looking for new places to hike/ kayak and this river is amazing.

Rented Canoes and put in at the park of of Indian town rd. and down the river to the Tanah Keeta Scout Camp. Need to get an early start and check the tides could be a all day event. Stop at the trappers outpost for a tour and to eat lunch. Goes from small to large river as you get down stream. Some large gators down stream, abundant wildlife.

sea kayaking
5 years ago

This is a great site. Put in at Riverbend Park just west of the turnpike on Indian Town Road. Most of tehhtime we go to the second dam and then kayak back upstream. You can rent kayaaks or canoes at the park. Enjoy and hope to see you on the water/