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25 days ago

Hidden treasure near Orlando!! Pristine, great hike. Giant cypress and oak trees, sandy river banks. Quiet place. Dog enjoyed it too!

I have gone to this spot numerous times and have seen an alligator almost every time. Last Sunday I went expecting to see the usual alligator but I was quite surprised to see a group of about ten manatees!

Beautiful area! Boardwalk ends into a lightly trafficked trail. Ran across a pigmy rattler and called it a day.

A very nice trail for early in the day. Any later and it's too hot as there's little shade.

I've seen bear tracks out here, as well as a doe, her two fawns, several gopher tortoises, and sand hill cranes to name a few.

One of my favorite trails. I frequently see alligators out here. I've heard wild pigs, but never seen any. You can also see an eagle's nest from one of the camp sites. It's mostly shaded and the trail is easy to follow.

Not a bad trail, very peaceful and cool things to look at

Love this trail. Great Boardwalk, may be a little slippery so careful during rainy season

Flat wide trail circling a pond. Nice chapel on the trail. There is a fishing dock on a small lake connected to the trail. Good hike.

Love this trail, great hike along the river or through all woods if you choose. This was our first from Barr Rd trlhead but hike was cut short by a storm rolling in.

Fun trail! Lots of drop offs around the river. Nice trail as far as Florida trails go

Great trail! It changes along the way so it is interesting...

Wonderful trail!! So beautiful!!! So many climbable trees!!!

trail running
9 months ago

Watch out for roots while trail running, as well as camouflaged snakes and turtles that sometimes traverse the trails (saw a grey rat snake & one small gopher tortoise). Bring bug spray if it's a hot day!

trail running
9 months ago

80deg-F warm afternoon in December. Saw two bald eagles & an alligator. Great trail run.

I gave this trail only 3 stars because most of the trail was flooded out(August rain) and I wasn't able to ride most of the trails. I can't wait to go back when it dries up.
Ok the beginning of the trail is flat/sandy and windy, I didn't see many climbs and no jumps... I will give a full review next time I go back. FYI this park has 3 entrances one for horse back riding, another for trail walkers and another for bikes. Good luck finding the right one. lol

mountain biking
1 year ago

This trail was really fun and challenging! Perfect for off road biking. Part of the trail was under water so we explored a different route. I loved splashing thru the mud puddles on my bike. I can't wait to go back! We ended up riding about 10 miles

I think this is my favorite hike in Florida.