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11 hours ago

If you're mountain biking, Snow Hill is the place to go. Mtn biking is not allowed on the other hiking trails in Little Big Econ forest. Snow Hill = Jones East Tail Head. From this trailhead you can access at least 6 legs of mtn bike trails with varying skill levels: Two Bridges, Ditch of Doom, Outback Loop, River Trail, Snake Trail, Yahoo. (See photos where I posted the trail map.) Very fun, pretty scenery that takes you through swamp, marsh, river, creek, forest, and palmettos. I wore myself out playing on this trail, good for solo and group rides.

Really nice short trail, well maintained but bring a stick for spider webs. Flat trail completely, nice fishing pier to bring the kids. Took 45 minutes. Lots of birds to see. Trail is tight at first but gets much wider.

Perfect trail for a quick evening hike. I don't think I'd enjoy this trail in the middle of the day as it wasn't shaded most of the time.

Great default trail, easy terrain, some decent scenic views of river.

Great start through moderate vegetation, crossing several wooden bridges. Little scenic enjoyment though once you reach the clearing and follow the loop trail. Nothing to be proud of, but not a waste of time either. 3/5

I did a night hike with my dog and it was great! This is my default trail since it's close and seems to be the best trail I've found so far. By far the best trail around. It is clearly marked so it's hard to get lost, even in the dark! There are several options to take different trails along the way and signs that let you know the mileage and the way to go if you want to pick up another trail. Hike on!

3 months ago

Hidden treasure near Orlando!! Pristine, great hike. Giant cypress and oak trees, sandy river banks. Quiet place. Dog enjoyed it too!

I have gone to this spot numerous times and have seen an alligator almost every time. Last Sunday I went expecting to see the usual alligator but I was quite surprised to see a group of about ten manatees!

Beautiful area! Boardwalk ends into a lightly trafficked trail. Ran across a pigmy rattler and called it a day.

A great trail for beginners. I take my friends who have never been hiking before here.

You frequently see other people here, particularly UCF students.

A very nice trail for early in the day. Any later and it's too hot as there's little shade.

I've seen bear tracks out here, as well as a doe, her two fawns, several gopher tortoises, and sand hill cranes to name a few.

One of my favorite trails. I frequently see alligators out here. I've heard wild pigs, but never seen any. You can also see an eagle's nest from one of the camp sites. It's mostly shaded and the trail is easy to follow.

Not a bad trail, very peaceful and cool things to look at

Love this trail. Great Boardwalk, may be a little slippery so careful during rainy season

Flat wide trail circling a pond. Nice chapel on the trail. There is a fishing dock on a small lake connected to the trail. Good hike.

Love this trail, great hike along the river or through all woods if you choose. This was our first from Barr Rd trlhead but hike was cut short by a storm rolling in.

Nice easy uneventful walk. Great for beginners