Great park lots to see . Kids love it , playground is great .....

shaded no direct sunlight. quiet. not to many people.

It's a nice shady trail, but like Tim wrote 2 years ago, 10am 2 days ago, creepy guy hanging out at the entrance, eyeing up my mail friend as he waited for me to arrive. Was still there when we left an hour later, and 2 other creepy guys were waiting in 2 other vehicles for us to leave. Creepy guy was on a bike. He's about 6'2", wearing clothes for the mall, not the trail. I assumed it was a bunch of men looking for sex in the park. I don't intend to go back.

trail running
4 months ago

This is a "family friendly" park, which essentially equates to the whole area being restricted to a very narrow subset of mediocre activities that you are allowed to engage in, as is exemplified by the plethora of restricted access gates lining the road, as well as the massive traffic information LED greeting you with a warning to lock your doors. There are incredibly few nature trails, and those that do exist disintegrate before they reach a mile long, as they recombine with the main paved path, which itself is a paltry 1 1/4 miles long. There are constantly school busses teaming with children arriving, and while they have as much of a right to be there as I do, it would be a lie to say that I appreciated their presence. Ultimately the area is just a tiny, unimpressive park without any real clout to compete with the far superior competition in any given direction. With nothing to do, the same demographics as any park with similar credentials and the omnipresent buzz of traffic, this is a holistically unenjoyable, unlaudable park,

Great Boardwalk Trail with abundant wildlife. Took my seven and a four-year-old on the walk which they completed with ease and loved every second.

Simple nature trail with plenty to see. Boardwalk portions allows for some good sights. Always good when you just wanna get away from the city for a little.

This is a stone throw away from my work and home. Go there often. Great play area for kids. Well maintained. Their visitor center is awesome and they have classes on the weekends teaching wildlife to kids. Always see wildlife when I walk the trail or Boardwalk. This is a go to place for me. If they family doesn't have anything to do, it's time to go to the park.

Great place, more signs need it !! Beautiful for a short hiking

My track on this trail is is incorrect. I think my iPhone gave up on me after a few feet, but we did about 2 1/4 miles. This is a flat, well-maintained trail in very urban area. Traffic noise from nearby I-275 provides a steady, but not terribly loud background,. The lake that is traversed by the trail appears to be mostly shallow with lots of lily pads, many of which were in bloom (May 1, 2015) along with a variety of wild flowers. Much of the trail is well-shaded, but a few short segments are in direct sun. Not much wildlife today. I saw a single squirrel and a few birds. Nice, peaceful stroll in the woods, but if you are looking for a challenging hike, this is not the trail for you.

Walked this park trail today. Amazingly well maintained on both the wood over-water trails and the paved trail. In total, my wife and I did about 3 1/4 miles.Lots of Ibis, herons, anhinga seen with a couple of pretty noisy limpkins somewhere out of site. We saw two adolescent alligators warming themselves in the afternoon sun. The trails are flat and can be handled by someone with walking difficulties. (I walk with crutches, even though I enjoy pushing myself through some very rugged trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park). The boardwalk areas can be handled in a wheelchair, whether motorized or manually powered. Being the weekend with beautiful weather, the pathways were busy, but not so much as to distract from the natural beauty. If it weren't for background highway noise, you would not know you are in the city.

One of my favorites. Good for kids too.

Beautiful park! Extremely easy, beautiful views, wild life, and the weather was perfect. January 18th, perfect temp, no bugs, and pleasant places to have a picnic. Clean bathrooms.

Beautiful and off the beaten path for someone that just wants to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of Florida and the city! Loved the walk and the nature that could be found around here!

Perfect little trail for family bike riding.

Decent trail I would almost describe as urban due to its proximity to development on all sides. Quiet on the interior trails. Close proximity is a plus.

This trail is beautiful!! The walk is great and you can easily see the beauty hidden behind the forest. It's filled with love for the ones bringing awareness upon itself. JUST A FAIR WARNING FOR EVERYONE ON THIS TRAIL. BRING A KNIFE OR AT LEAST A CELL PHONE. Today, i had a middle age man late twentys or early thirties following me on his bike. He kept slowly riding his bike and followed me to the other half of the trail. He had a yellow shirt ( a tight athletic water absorbing workout shirt.) he passed me 4 or 5 times? He ended up stopping and starred at me while doing disgusting things. I ran as fast as i could and left. ANYWAYS, PLEASE CAN A EYE OUT FOR THIS GUY.

Totally relaxing! Several different trails to take. The putter trail is about 2miles. Awesome views of the lake. Pet friendly.

Lettuce Lake is a small city park with a paved road through it and some dirt trails. It's busy, of course. There are some nice views of the rivers and the cypresses. There is some open space and picnic shelters. Recently, Florida parks have started charging money or more money to go to their parks and they post cashiers at the entrance to make sure you pay.

Beautiful trails including boardwalks and an observation tower.