Located 12 miles south of Stuart on U.S. 1, this park teems with wildlife in 13 natural communities, including sand pine scrub, pine flatwoods, mangroves, and river swamps. The Loxahatchee River, Florida's first federally designated Wild and Scenic River, runs through the park. Ranger-guided tours of the 1930s pioneer homestead of Trapper Nelson are available year-round. Visitors can enjoy paved and off-road biking, equestrian, and hiking trails. Boating, canoeing, and kayaking along the river are also great ways to see the park. Anglers can fish along the riverbank or from a boat. The nature and history of the park comes to life through exhibits and displays in the Elsa Kimbell Environmental Education and Research Center. Programs for the kids, or for the whole family, are also offered here. The park also offers two full-facility campgrounds and a youth/group primitive campground. Visitors can arrange boat tours of the river and rent canoes, kayaks, and motorboats by calling (561) 746-1466.

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Well maintained trails. Lots of great people to meet! We try to go a couple a times a mont.

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These photos are not of Kitching Creek Trail, but of the obersvation tower on the other side of the park. This park is fantastic and has alot to offer.

very fast course...trail has had a make-over...looking super nice. Loose sand is being covered... not as much of a problem as in the past...so I am told. rode with my 11 year old and we sailed through it...and will be back for sure.

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Sandy !!

Nice trail for Florida. I completed the five mile loop that passes by a lake, through some pine and palm scrub. Saw a tortoise. Very peaceful, nice view of stars at night and some hills which are a rare find here. I also paddle boarded one day, saw many shark and fish. Would definitely recommend if you in the area.

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Trail is great...sugar sand it's kind of hard to hike with your backpack full of camping gear but overall great place to stay overnight!

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The mtb trails near the front of the park shouldn't be confused with the FL Trail & multi purpose trails mostly west of the RR tracks. There are about 8 miles of mtb trails here for all skill levels. As of July 2014 major improvements have been made to help the sand problem and more help is on the way. There is a pump track at the trail head for warm up and now a ~0.5 mile kids trail is in the works. Also, there is a practice skills area at the trailhead.

Some trail features you will encounter are palmetto roots, wood bridge(s), small logovers, short drops & climbs, man made berms, sand ladders, etc.

This trail never floods and is best ridden after a rain event. There is an outhouse at the trailhead but no water source. The trail is ridden counter-clockwise.


We would always take our boys through this trail when they were little. It was perfect for little legs and instilling that first interest in the outdoors.

This trail goes from desert-like sugar sand dunes (some of the only non-flat hiking in South Florida) through pine flatwoods and beside the Loxihatchee River. Not as much wildlife as Everglades or Big Cypress, but still quite a bit. Two Florida-only species are found here: the Florida Scrub Jay and the Florida Scrub Lizard. If you're interested in hiking in Florida check out the Florida Trail Association, they have chapters in most counties and numerous group hikes.

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Great riding, there's plenty for all skill levels. I like the difficult myself. It's sandy so go within a few days of a rain. There's some sick drops, quick turns and some awesome riding but like I said. Wait for the rain. Unless u like sugar sand.

There is little of interest almost like a walk across an overgrown field to the Hobe Sound Tower, which can be reached by a dirt road.. I hiked it on a weekend and it was very busy. The walk was easy and pleasant if you had interesting companions, easy to follow and mostly flat and dry. There is little canopy so carry sun screen and wear a hat and carry water.
The Tower is well worth the visit. Great views inland and water, ICW, beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

I've hiked this trail in whole or in part several times in the last ten years. The dune portion that runs from the park gate north to the RR crossing is the best part. It's the only reason this hike gets 3 stars. This section rollercoasters over the bushy dunes until it comes to a pine covered area just before th RR tracks. I the enjoy the hike to this area for lunch and some peace.
Geocachers are messing up the area with their absentminded and wandering destruction of the flora. While on the northernmost portion, I had a geocacher ask me which way was north. Near Scrub Jay CG, I saw another geocacher plowing through the Palmetto like a giant armadillo. I guess the park makes money from this activity.
Most of the last half, if travelling CC, is on sandy old roads - very sandy old roads. It's an excellent hike if you want to train for another hike or a run. If you decide to hike this trail, remember your sunscreen and come Dec-Mar, because easily 90% of it is exposed. The trail is good for wildlife sightings.

I have explored Jonathan Dickinson SP since 2002. This trail goes through typical Slash Pine/Palmetto scrub seen throughout this park and the surrounding area. You will not see anything on this trail you did not see on the trail going from parking lot to the overlook.