This segment inside the Econfina-creek wma. An absolutely beautiful section. I thought that I was in North Alabama...the creeks with whitewater features, ponds, and even a respectable waterfall near the Us 231 th. We did a yo-yo from the sr20 th to the us 231 th. 37 miles in all. weather was 70s day and 40s night. Coyotes yipping at the full moon too! 11/13/16. kickatree.

This trail actually is about 19 miles from SR20 to Scotts Rd. trailhead. During the first 10 miles you explore 4 different ecosystems offering side trails to muliple pond and lakes including Rattlesnake Lake. The next 9 miles skirts along Ecofina Creek with two swinging bridge crossings and multiple swim spots in the creek. There are at least two official thru hiking campsites with multiple unofficial camping spots. Fresh water springs are available for drinking water, but recommend filtering. Most of the trail is flat with little hills to climb. The most alluring feature is the 6 ecosystems offering a wide range of views.

1 year ago

I love this creek. I have been going here since I was a toddler. My uncle owns kayaks, a canoe, and a couple small boats. We always put in at the launch on highway 20. There are multiple springs to visit along the creek. If you don't go into the smaller side creeks you will miss some.

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3 years ago

Have paddled this creek many times and will do so again. There are many beautiful springs located above Highway 20 and just below the highway. For those who wish to camp you will find many nice campsites in the wildlife Management Area. You can make a hike on the upper Econfina camp for the night and then paddle the last of the trail on the creek.