Stairs that people work out on. Beautiful small water falls leading to the sink hole. The info desk is really friendly and helpful!

Great workout spot, surrounded by nature. Staircase that goes to the bottom of the sinkhole. Coming back up is tough.

Not much to see. The stairs into the sinkhole are well spaced, not to far apart. Makes for an easier climb up.

Very short loop. Stairway down to sink hole. Seem to be more of a fitness interest with visitors going up and down the stairs several times.

Short loop not far from residential areas. Not too much as far as wildlife is concerned. Fairly quiet as most visitors seem purely interested in the stairway into the sinkhole.

had a amazing time with the kids. they enjoyed it we did both the sinkhole trail and the trail around the sinkhole.

short but sweet! it was worth the drive.

looks nice, the sinkhole looks nice, trail is short and you can see a farmstead from the trail

Its a nice walk around the sinkhole, going down stairs into the sinkhole is quite the workout, but its worth it. Its a very pretty view. I like to bring my dogs, they enjoy it!

1 year ago

Gorgeous trail, really short but good for an hour or two escape into nature!

great leg exercise in a beautiful view!

2 years ago

Easy nature walk down to the sinkhole. The loop around is also very easy.

This place is beautiful and great for the whole family.

Great place of history and beauty. If you go in the early morning many types of wildlife can be found. Suggest you bring mosquito repellent.

A geological gem, and a great place to duck out of the summer heat.