The beautiful ornamental gardens are located on a portion of the park's 1,076 upland acres. The gardens were first planted in 1923 by Alfred B. and Louise Maclay after purchasing the property for their winter home. A masterpiece of floral architecture, the gardens feature a picturesque brick walkway, a secret garden, a reflection pool, a walled garden and hundreds of azalea and camellia plants. Lake Hall offers swimming and fishing, along with non-motorized boating for canoers and kayakers. Pavilions and grills along the shore provide a perfect setting for picnicking. Two short nature trails through the woods overlooking the lake will enthrall walking enthusiasts, while hikers, bicyclists and equestrians can enjoy five miles of multi-use trails surrounding Lake Overstreet which adjoins the gardens. High blooming season is from January 1-April 30, peaking in mid-to-late March.

Maps and guides along the way, restrooms with rest area, picnic area. perfect

Lovely! I have done it twice—once I saw an alligator eat a duck and the other one I saw two deers because it was late.

Great Fall walk ........ about 5 miles -Water along the way ... Parked at Forest Meadows and walked across Meridian Rd to start .......

4 years ago

Nice trail! Not too many people and nice place to take dogs!

mountain biking
4 years ago

There are two tracks the Double Track and the Single Track Trails. Double Track trails are a Multi-Use trail where runners, hikers and bikers share the track fairly easy. Single-Tracks are off road tracks for mountain bikers to ride single file these are a little more challenging, moderately.

My husband and I took this trail and really enjoyed it.

We hiked this trail with my grandsons ages 4 & 5. There was so many things to keep them interested: a lake, an old cabin, picnic tables, box turtles and a large variety of wild flowers and other various fauna.

on Maclay State Gardens

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5 years ago

My boys and I love to go biking, hiking, and kayaking here. They rent tandem kayaks so that I can bring one kid with me at a time. The bike trail is nice and the gardens are a nice walk. They have grills and a playground. The swimming area is okay as long as its not crowded. Overall, a great place to go!

Macclay hiking and bikng trails are available year round. Now is a great time to go. If you go early or really late without dogs and you are quiet, you can even get a glimpse of wildlife. Turkey and deer abound. Occasionally someone will bring a horse out to the trail, but that is rare. Buy a year round pass to save dollars.