A Relaxing Oasis Come to White Clay Creek to escape the encroaching development of New Castle County. The park's lush greenery and sparkling streams offer a refreshing change of pace and countless opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation. Scenic Trails Hiking is one of the most popular activities in the park. Thirty-seven miles of trails lead explorers to historic sites and scenic vistas overlooking lush valleys and impressive rock outcrops. Hikers and mountain bike riders can travel through the Middle Run Valley Natural Area to Possum Hill, follow the Lifecourse Fitness Trail in Carpenter Recreation Area, or hike the Pomeroy Rail-Trail to the pedestrian bridge over White Clay Creek. Activities There are plenty of year-round activities available at White Clay Creek. The Nature Center hosts fun and interesting public programs, and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, birdwatching or disc golf. Families may take advantage of the large picnic area and pavilion for a reunion or to host a casual barbecue with friends, followed by an evening concert or other special event throughout the summer. Sledding and cross-country skiing are among the many winter activities available at the park. Join the White Clay Creek State Park Mailing List Sign up for the White Clay Creek State Park mailing list! You'll get updates about upcoming programs and events, announcements and job and voluteer opportunities.

Great trail for a hike with two dogs. Encountered a lot of mountain bikers and some trail runners. Everyone was very friendly. I wouldn't consider it moderate. It was pretty easy. I did choose this hike because I'm trying to complete the DE State Park Trail Challenge. According to the map and my GPS, I walked the whole trial, but I didn't find the symbol. Awe shucks...guess that means I have to go back :)

This is White Clay Trail! Not the arc monument. They charge you $4 to get in the state park to access the trail

Very flat. Great for a solid distance run. Not a very interesting hiking trail, in my opinion.

I did this trail today (along with Whitely Farms Trail) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so peaceful. I will be back (sooner rather than later).

I really enjoyed this trail. I highly recommend it. The majority of the time, the only sounds I heard were those of birds and the wind through the trees. There was the occasional air plane overhead and car driving past (when the trail was near the road) but for most part just nature. I saw a couple other hikers and maybe four or five bikers. The trail was very very peaceful. It is $8 to park for out of state plates and $4 for Delaware plates.

I would recommend to carry a backpack with water, wear a hat, and have a fully charged phone to track your progress.

8 months ago

Went when it was a little colder, so there was less traffic. Did about two or three trails that were connected, and they were peaceful and gorgeous. I would definitely go again. Great for trail running, and part of the trail connects to the Mason Dixon Monument, which is quite a treat.

not to hard but the return trip is all up hill

Very enjoyable, dog friendly, and few hikers on the trail during the week days.

trail running
1 year ago

Great for trail running! Just have to watch out for bikers

1 year ago

Whitley Farms is a great hike, but I would not consider it challenging, especially not moderate. The connection from Whitley Farms Trail to Tri-Valley Trail is not well marked on the trail itself so look for the street with the crosswalk white marks. That's your connection. DO NOT hike this trail after dark. Its not dangerous by any means, but I encountered a park ranger waiting next to my truck at about 5:30 as I came out of the trail. I showed him my All-Trails app, and that I had been hiking for a few hours, not just loitering around. He wrote me up for being in the park after hours! No fine, but still a hassle to deal with after hiking 9 miles.

1 year ago

Nice trail with just enough hills. Encountered a fair amount of bicyclists and a few other hikers.

Fun trail. Walked it with my 8 year old and it was a bit long for her but we powered through.

nice stroll along the creek. took a bad turn up the mountain but recover ed shortly

Nice easy walk thru some woods and fields. For walking and mnt. bike

1 year ago

Terrific hike, map at the park said the trail was 3.1 miles, but I tracked 3.5 miles. Took me about an hour to hike it and loved the scenery.

Great easy hike