Gorgeous walk. Generously sized path. Ample parking.

Very boring trail. Straight line through the woods... WOW! What else ya got Delaware?

I hiked from Herring Point to Gordon's Pond and back. It was 5 miles total and took me less than an hour and a half to complete that portion of the trail. Nice walk on a beautiful day with well maintained trails.

Trail is complete awsome. Biked it 7/19/15. Only suggestion is to stop at all marked stops, and look as if you were in a motor vehicle.

Love this trail. Beautiful bike ride from Rehoboth to Lewes.

Great trail for people of all ages. Saw two Red Foxes during a recent visit. Very well maintained.

Nice fairly easy trail from Rehoboth to Lewes. The section on Gill Neck is right on the road with no shoulder, a little too dangerous to do with kids. If you turn around when you reach the end of the wooded area it is a great family trail. Beautiful marshes and woods.

nice trail connecting rehoboth and lewes. nice scenery and shade to avoid summer temps and sun. use it weekly

This is a wonderful trail for biking and walking. Only down side is it doesn't loop. So keep this in mind when you head out.

Nice trail, good for biking

This is the perfect trail for taking kids or those who need relatively flat, stable ground. Its got fantastic spurs to get to the water, observation tower, marshland, etc. Definately take the time to go over the dune to the beach, and down into the marsh tract.