nice Hike

3 months ago

Took my mom on her first hike here even though she has been telling me she would take me here for over 22 years. It was a nice hike/more of a walking trail. Very tranquil/no dogs allowed :( but my mom screamed at the garden snakes that were around!

5 months ago

Don't try to go in the afternoon. Park closes at 4:30 and ranger does not let cars in after 3:30

It was okay. Nothing special. There wasn't any challenging terrain, no hills, and not much scenery. Probably better for young kids.

6 months ago

Nice walk with kids. Fun nature exploration.

We saw two deer, nice park.

1 year ago

Great trail!!

Very easy

nature trips
2 years ago

I've walked this trail many times with my boys. It's a great trail for kids plus throw in the dinosaur foot prints and learning about the plants that are still around from the dinosaur's time period and you have a great walk every time. During the summer make sure you bring plaster of Paris to make a cast of the dinosaur foot prints from the Triassic period. Good times!

2 years ago

Stupidly easy trails, more for children on a field trip. Not impressed at all. And no dogs allowed. Thumbs down.

I grew up coming to this park with my family and I pain on coming here with mine when I start one. It's a wonderful place for kids of all ages where you can hike, picnic, view gardens,make cement molds of dinosaur foot print that you can take home and it had an onsite museum. Perfect place to spend a whole day with the family and have a great time doing so!

3 years ago

Great hike to take with kids. Mostly flat gravel trail with a few rocky areas.

A very pretty cross section of different types of CT river valley terrain. In some areas you are walking over trap rock so wear good shoes for rocks. A few huge old oaks that are rarely seen in this area.

nature trips
4 years ago

Easy trail for families with small children, exciting for kids if you get the activity sheets and look for inscets ect.

Trails are very clean, with gravel throughout. There is also a section of bridges through the swamp