Trimountain or Tri-mountain, est. 760 feet (230 m), is a traprock mountain located 6 miles (10 km) southeast of Meriden, Connecticut. It is part of the narrow, linear Metacomet Ridge that extends from Long Island Sound near New Haven, Connecticut, north through the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts to the Vermont border. Trimountain is known for its scenic cliff faces, unique microclimate ecosystems, and rare plant communities. The mountain is traversed by the 51-mile (82 km) Mattabesett Trail.

Very nice hike. Nice stop with a view near the top over the reservoir.

easy hike with a beautiful view of the reservoir. definitely worth seeing

11 months ago

Lovely trail. Bring snacks. Water. More snacks. Fully charged phone. Change of clothes. Really good snacks. This is an incredibly poorly marked trail. We were lost on top of lost.

1 year ago

Great trail to hike with the dog. It was a bit hard to find parking but beautiful. Parking address: 4450 Durham Rd Guilford, CT, United States

2 years ago