trail running
1 month ago

Great elevation gains and diversity of trails. Serious downhills and technical areas.

1 month ago

Well blazed and traveled trail system.

7 months ago

It's amazing the places that are right there in your backyard. It was a relaxing walk. Enjoyed the ponds and the quietness of the park.

Love this place

One on my favorites. Great hike to the summit and great climb out!

We took the dog and went around the ponds and up to the peak at the far end of the park. Not much in the way of views, but there were two old, abandoned cars on the yellow trail that had been covered in graffiti and were an interesting surprise. The park was very popular with dog walkers (leash needed), but we found loads of ticks on the dog afterwards.

Pretty trails, the hardest climb was a good workout but the views at the top were limited. Very pleasant to walk around the pond

Beautiful scenery abounds on this trail. This is the perfect time of year to see the colors and feel the cool air of Autumn.

Did the whole trail even though it recorded half. Very pretty view when at the top. the rocks at the top was a little confusing just turned around . I'd say nice beginners cardio! Will be back !

Very nice park for it's location in Danbury. Lots and lots of trails, a pond and lots of wildlife. There is also a lookout that boasts some pretty nice views.

Also worth checking out the abandoned mansion/castle here if you can find it.

Its local for me... I love their morning yoga classes and if you can find the trail to terrywhile caste then it's totally worn the hike!

I can't believe that I have lived in Danbury four years and only discovered this gem of a trail now. A great place to take the dog for a daily hike. Great for local picnics with the family.

Decent hike with a nice view of Danbury at the peak.

Love this place! There are a few different trails to pick from. Something here for everyone. You can do an easy mile loop. Or easily spend 1/2 the day on the longer, harder trails.

2 years ago

Did a nice 3 mile loop. Moderate difficulty with a couple hills that were steep and slippery with leaves and some mud. Really well marked trails. Parking is convenient. Popular area for dog walking and hiking.

I love this park. It is very easy with beautiful pond and creeks. The Mootry Peak is a moderate hike. I just live 1/2 mile from this park and it is my favorite for aerobic exercise. Good hike for all year. I have done it during rain and snow storms and it is an awesome experience. All trails all excellently marked...impossible to get lost.