Have a day of family fun at Southford Falls State Park. Spend your day enjoying field sports, or try your luck at catching trout.

Nice quaint waterfall. Access is easy and unrestricted. Loop trail easy. Just short uphill but any age should be able to accomplish. Just not well marked. Found myself using this apps trail map to stay on course. Signs for "tower" but somehow completely missed it.

very kids friendly. Probably a nice view from tower once the leaves are gone

Great 1h 30min hike with a lot of different terrain and beautiful waterfalls. We hiked with two 6 year olds, a 5 year old, 3 year old and two 2 year olds. The littlest found it hard and we ended up carrying most of the time.

easy but beautiful.

It was okay, part of the trails were not marked towards the end so it got confusing. Good place overall though

I went more to hang out, and it was a 90+ degree day, so I stopped often to enjoy the scenery and relax. This trail is very beautiful, from the waterfall and the stream, the watchtower, and the covered bridge. The trees provide quite a bit of sun coverage, which is nice for me since I'm fair skinned, and the little sun spots on the water are so gorgeous.... There are a lot of uphill rocky slopes so if I were to go alone it would make a perfect workout!

5 months ago

This is one of my go to spots. If you do the big loop it can give you a pretty good work out. It has alot of different elements from the waterfalls, covered bridge, brook, steep climb and very woodsy. It is busy closer to all the activity and get quieter as you hike more in the wooded area. I do the start of the loop at the covered bridge and come out on the other side of the pond.

Easy hike to the Fire Tower. Ave hike nothing special about it. The Fire Tower was cool but not what I expected as far as a tower is concerned. Skys the Limit Challenge 2015 brought me here. Last one of 14 hikes. Hit up a few geocaches while here.

easy hike and simple to navigate, have done the tower hike at dusk and it is a good time. Typically about an hour hike and has the falls,river, and scenic points to enjoy a fun filled day

Great hike even w/ snow, hit the trail with a 2 and 3 year year old and we had fun. Def recommend going pond entrance and bridge exit if you got little ones. Tower was cool, not the best of views from it since the nearby trees are growing taller and obstructing some of the view but for the easy hike to it and being local it's worth it. River and waterfall views are amazing. Some rocky/rough terrain so watch your step.

Easy, short hike. Very busy place.

Grew up in this park, my grandmother lives 2 miles down the road. The trail is either easy or hard depending on which way you hit it. There's a fire tower at the top of the hill, that's the harder part of the hike, hill wise.

Close easy access of the highway. Parking is abundant. This is a great hike for families (did easily with my 12 year old and 6 year old). it offers a lake, picnic tables, forest hike, inclines, streams, metal climbing lookout tower at the top, great ct country view at the top, rapids, waterfall, birds, wildlife and a cool covered bridge by the falls. Kids really enjoyed this well marked trail with a little bit of everything really. Loved.

was a nice place for a fall hike, but it was pretty tough for the kids. Very rocky trails made it hard going for little legs. besides that it was a great time. the waterfalls are beautiful and the hike along the river is nice and scenic.

Short hike. Pretty park. Fairly easy.

This is a short trail with a lot to see, so try not to miss it if you are in the area. There is a covered bridge, some small falls, a mini gorge, and a mid-height tower with seasonal views. The terrain is hilly enough to give you a decent effort. I have included a link to the trail map.

This trail is better hiked going in on the pond side and coming out by the covered bridge especially now in winter because of the steepness. The tower is a great reward to climb halfway around the loop. It looks recently redone and there was many animal tracks. Great trail!