Long hike, make sure you pay attention to the markers cause there are multiple trails.

We hiked clockwise from the parking area and had no trouble following the trail or finding blazes. . We turned around at the midway connector trail back to the parking lot (not blazed) so did not do the upper half. If appears as if the lower half was gps'ed but the upper half was simply drawn in as a :"route", so it may not be as accurate. Very rocky. Wear thick soled boots. GPS signals sometimes need time to find satellites and may "jump" when they are located. Very little bug action.

I was lost for 2.5 hours. The trails were very poorly marked and confusing as hell. I would recommend bringing a decent amount of water, protein, and a compass. I tried following the trail with this app and I still managed to get lost. My GPS signal kept jumping around.

Beautiful Views & great hike. Although the trail continues if you dont turn around and we kept going. the trail isnt marked very well and can get easily lost.

Good trail with even a little rock climbing, nice views. Some of the trails were very rocky, can be tough on the feet for you or your dog, wear good shoes. Used bug spray and wore sunglasses, kept the gnats away except for buzzing in the ears. Seemed very buggy. Was able to follow the blue/red trails but in a few areas they weren't well marked, had to back track a couple of times.

Was a nice quick hike with a beautiful view. We went up and watched the sunset over the water. The trail was marked well. There is a trail that cuts through the middle of the loop that isn't marked but it's worn enough to see the trail the whole way down even in the dark.

Beautiful, but so incredibly buggy that it really wasn't all that fun

Poorly marked trails. I thought I was lost until I used the apps map and seen I was on the right track. It's harder than I expected I was hoping to see a pond or some kind of water but I did not! You literal have to climb some rocks so make sure you wear some good shoes. I will be going again but in attempt to find the pond that I originally went for.

Best views were on the blue-red trail overlooking the reservoir. Some nice views on the Metacomet right after it intersects the blue-red trail.

This trail was good. There were some very beautiful sections, but mostly monotone woods that went on for miles. it's nice for a workout. There were a lot of knats around in my experience. A nice hike, but nothing special.

Love walking through here. views from the trap rock are gorgeous

Awesome hike, no issued with my dog. I hiked from West Lane in Berlin and did the red/blue, blue (Metacomet), red/blue loop. Headed East first, there is a beautiful overlook of Wassel Reservoir, trails are clearly/ well marked.

definitely got lost! need new markers! swear I was gonna call 911 to get us out

Trails were indeed poorly marked, this was a solid intermediate to hard hike. I enjoyed it but it wasn't easy

Hell. Although it was fun, we got very lost. Once you see blue and red, FOLLOW THE BLUE AND RED