Nice deep wood trails.

place is amazing so many trails that intertwine so many ways to change your hike and some vefy challing my favirite is elliot bronson trail not even mentioned on all trails but make sure to follow a map if your new it can get confusing

As most reviewers put, the initial climb was a good cardio workout. The trail is rated moderate and most of the trail are just that. But I would make the steep beginning a strenuously moderate. I would rate this trail as dog friendly. My Golden Retriever was able to climb even the steep part at the East River Road entrance with little help. (No scrambling involved) The scenic overlooks are all they are professed to be. I am looking forward to returning in a month just to enjoy the fall colors. We hiked the Jessie Gerard trail and then lengthened our hike by taking the Charles Pack trail and returning to the trail head on the Robert Ross Trail and Falls Cutoff Trail. This made for an enjoyable and challenging 7.2 mile trek . The trails are marked well in some places and completely confusing in others. With the help of the American Legion & People's State Forest Map, and gps from AllTrails, we were able to stay on track for most of the way. Good hiking boots are recommended for this hike.

7 months ago

Beautiful, quiet climb with a phenomenal view! Pleasantly suprised by the waterfall.

7 months ago

The initial climb was challenging but the views were worth it. Lots of boulders to climb and it looked like there were several other trails to follow so we will return to explore this area more.

8 months ago

went here for the first time and man!!! what a delightful hike!! beautiful views from the top of the lighthouse trail and it definitely starts off a little moderate up a waterfall and from there it's smooth sailing... we did a 5.5 mile loop which was a combination of a few different trails but this is by far one of my favorite trails in Ct! Highly recommend!

11 months ago

I thought this was a great CT hike. You can choose to make it as lengthy as you want, good incline at times to get your heart rate up, not extremely difficult but a good day outside, and some good views along the trail where there are some clearings. I don't think there is a true "summit."
Parked in the Ullmann Grove Area, took the blue Robert Ross Trail all the way up to the blue-yellow Jessie Gerard Trail. This trail has some great lookouts. Stayed on the blue-yellow trail to take the Charles Pack Trail back to the car. These are the only spots where it might get a little confusing just because it crosses with the snowmobile road so you have to get on the road for a little to meet up with the hiking trail, but everything is well marked.
Meant to take the blue-orange trail back to the car but didn't check the map at the intersection and thought it was a blue-red trail. Ended up walking on King Road and taking the blue Robert Ross Trail back to the car. Total 6.3miles in about three hours, enough to enjoy being outside and build up an appetite.

Nice hike, incline at times, can be a little confusing to follow markers. Didn't make it to a real summit bc we got tired and couldn't seem to find a good sightseeing spot so that was a bummer. I would try it again!

1 year ago

I'd like to point out that this is not a point to point hike. There are many loop options. Some are good for all ages, some should only be done by adults in decent shape. For my hike I chose a 7 mile loop which included 4 different trails. Each trail here is named after one of the founders. Very cute.

My hike started at the stone museum and followed the blue Ross trail across the side of the mountain. Good exercise. Would not recommend for children. The Charles trail (blue yellow) goes down the side to and meets up with a Falls junction trail, that goes almost straight back up the mountain side. This trail is not for the feint of heart! I am an avid hiker but this one kicked my butt! It boasts of 299 stone steps. They are not man made steps and more a cluster of rocks down the side of the mountain. That said, it was beautiful and an excellent challenge. I took this trail to see the falls for which the trail is named, but sadly in mid-August the falls were nothing but a trickle and it was a bit of a disappointment. My loop lead me back to the blue/yellow which brought me to the top of the mountain and some really amazing views. Blue/yellow brought me back down the other side of the mountain. I met up with the Agnes trail. Agnes is listed as blue/orange, but the blazes looked blue/red to me. I followed blue/ red through the low land/ valley back to my car at the stone house. There is a nice spot to relax on the grass and have a little picnic at the stone house before you drive away.

I really liked this hike and would recommend it. I didn't see more than a dozen groups of people, but if your looking to avoid children, I suggest going when school is in, as I saw two small youth groups. This loop can also be combined with other trails to make it longer, or you can shorten it. There are so many trails here, the options are limitless. Bring a map! Your going to need it!

A great hike! We started off on the Falls Cut-off trail, which is a nice steep climb up a mostly rock path that meets up with the Jessie Gerard. Along the JG there are two expansive and pretty epic overlooks that I highly recommend. The whole experience was a beautiful and lovely challenge that made us work up a bit of a sweat!

Love the hike up the waterfall and yes it is steep literally a stone staircase for much of the first quarter mile and boulders after that to the top of the falls once you get to top of the falls it is not so bad, There are two overlooks off this hike.

I don't know what that other person was talking about the trail being steep! It was an easy hike as long as you follow the path and follow it back down the same way

A fairly steep climb from the East River Road entrance to the first lookout. There are several places to catch a great view and relax. Highly recommend it. I hike this trail every year. For those who aren't into the up hill challenge, I recommend entering from the picnic area at the top from Greenwoods Road. Its a shorter and more level walk to the gorgeous views.