Love this trail not hard but has that A T vibe no real over looks but nice

nice hike, not much in way of hills or scenic views but well marked. I would suggest parking at the Veterans Memorial Park about an 1/8 of a mile past where directions tell you to park. walk around the pond and pick up the trail there

I got lost a little bit, but this app helped a lot. go exploring and have fun. the landscape is magical in there.

I got lost

Naugutuck state first was so great it made my girl cum. Twice! We will definitely be returning soon.

Took the Whittemore Trail (blue/white blazed) to the Naugatuck Forest Trail. Went right on the blue blazed trail and followed back to Rt 42. This is a nice hike of moderate grade change. My terrier and I had a great time.

Nice trail, moderate climb but the smell from the sewage plant just ruins the day. If you park in the commuter parking lot off of Exit 25, take a right out of the parking lot back towards highway and then a left onto the dead end road, Andrasko Road, you will see the entrance to the trail there.

7.5.2015 Just hiked the Beacon Falls side from route 42 trailhead to the CAP. Used MapMyHike, gps clocks it as 7.14 miles out and back. Very nice hike, easy/moderate, nothing too challenging.

Simply put this is a great trail. There are a few (4) Different trails. Blue is great to learn the area, about halfway up main trail (BLUE), you will see a man made tight trail 2 to 3 Ft. Wide, compared to main trail of 5 to 6ft. Take that trail it will be on your left side (10 PACES past a small 7° rock that you climb & 8ft past a big dead fall Oak).. it a bit of an UP Hill, but this will save you about an hour + (depending on speed kids etc) to the peak. Once at the top, trees are level face left 90° and walk about 40 feet. Amazing cliff face over look. Someone took my flag down , so I'll be up there this Sunday w/ my pup replacing it. Best view of High Rock overlooking Rte 8. On a clear day 15 to 20 mile viability. As always be safe have fun & leave nothing but foot prints behind and try not to even leave those. Respectfully : Kevin ... If you want a fun BILLY GOAT TRAIL DOWN WATERFALL SIDE SEND ME AN EMAIL... OMG AMAZING TRECK AND VIEWS...My personal favorite...

First time hike and definitely a challenge. Used the park map on my smartphone and trekked through 6+ mile of well groomed trails and a few manmade ones. The hike is full of good elevations with some excellent scenic landings. If you're up for a 2+ hour hike I definitely recommend visiting this forest.

When hiking this trail it is my recommendation that you start at the Naugatuck trailhead on Route 42 in Bethany. The trail is blazed blue. You start out on a forest road. Make sure that you get off the forest road and keep on the blue blazed trail to the right. If you begin at Andrasco Road you will be hiking .6 miles along Route 8 and watching nothing except the cars going by. If you decide to make this a point to point trip you should not hike beyond the Spuce Knoll Trail which is blazed blue/red. If you do continue all that will happen is that you will descend to the Route 8 section. Spruce Knoll is a very small detour and worth it to complete the route even though it has only seasonal views. The complete trip including up-and-down the Beacon Cap Trail which is blazed blue/yellow makes the total trip approximately 6 miles one-way which includes the Spruce Knoll and the Beacon Cap divergence for a round trip total of 11 miles. A shorter but more interesting hike is to make the trip into a loop of approximately 3.6 miles. At .7 miles from the trailhead you will reach the Beacon Cap Trail. Ascend and descend the trail. There are nice views to the east before you reach the cap and nice all around views at the cap. Total altitude gain of 350 feet. Then continue West on the Naugatuck trail until you reach the Wittemore Trail blazed blue/white. Continue on this trail for .8 miles which will bring you back to Route 42 approximately .1 miles West of the Naugatuck trailhead.