Rich with history, legend and lore, Mashamoquet Brook with its Wolf's Den, offers hiking, camping, fishing, and swimming for the whole family.


Fairly easy hike. There are two trails, one which is significantly more challenging than the other. Very nice foliage but no views.

nice easy hike. couple steep spots but not too bad. took the blue trail from visitor center up to table rock, then down red trail back

Run this trail often love to train here looking forward to winter hikes as well!

4 months ago

It's a beautiful day in this amazing park. If you haven't been here it's totally worth the visit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trail. Took us around 2 hours to complete. Before you pull into the state park, the trail begins BUT if you want a cardio workout, I recommend parking at the visitors center and going past the outhouse (there's signs) this way was 70% uphill, if you're not a fan of steep hills you might be better off going the other way. Wolf Den is creepy cool. saw lots of wildlife, very shady walk. There's a huge rock not long after wolf den where we stopped and ate our lunch. I definitely will be back!

this is a great hike! the terrain gets a little difficult at times but it's definitely satisfying. I did the whole loop in 3 hours.

Excellent trails, well marked. Some areas were more difficult than others, but they were do-able. Planning on making this location one of my favorites and visit again!

It was my first time out there so I didn't know the location well. I felt it was mapped out very well. My friend and I did the blue 5 mile loop at about a 20 min. pace, stopping along the way to admire all natures beauty! It took us just under 2 hours to complete the trail.
We found the Indians Chair so we stopped there for a photo moment. Next time I would love to find the Wolf Den. A gentleman on the trail told us the story about Israel Putnam's discovery of the Wolf den, and we found very interesting!
I would say the blue trail is challenging in a few areas and that's what will keep us coming back for sure!

Brought my dog for a hike. Didn't finish trail due to limited time. Walked the roads and fields.Was a really nice hike. Great place to bring the dogs. Definitely will be going back and finishing the trails.

We had a great hike today - went up the yellow trail from the parking area (which is uphill almost all the way but not too steep) then went counter clockwise on the blue trail to Table Rock. That is a nice section of trail, again, you are climbing up almost all the time but it is a nice path. Only rocky some of the way.
After lunch at Table Rock we backtracked a bit back to the Blue/ Red trail to the Wolf's Den site (spooky) and then went on to the Indian Chair site (too cool).
The trail between Wolf Den and Indian Chair is very steep we thought, so we were glad we we going down it!
After Indian Chair we backtracked again, just a little way back to the nearest Red Trail which took us back to the parking area. The brook was very dry, so no rushing water pleasures, but we saw chipmunks, a toad, a hawk and a squirrel along the way. Because it's been so dry the foliage is rather muted, but a wonderful hike. A bit challenging in spots but really nice. (About 4.2 miles that route)
Restrooms and picnic tables at base are a nice convenience . A+++ all around.

Completed the red loop last weekend. We encountered a few rocky areas, but hike was relatively easy overall. Very peaceful area, it was nice to hike in the woods without the sound of cars interfering.

I took the blue trail, the trail was well marked and in great shape. A little more steep and rocky then I originally thought it would be but it was a good challenge I'd go again.

great loop hike with a few good up hill climbs. Checked out Indian chair, wolf den, and table rock sticking mostly with the blue trail ( 5 mile loop trail). Trails are very well marked with many options to cover. Meet a few rangers who were very friendly and knowledgeable about the park. Enough to see and do to stay an entire day.

It was an interesting 5 mile relatively easy Memorial Day Hike to kick off the 2014 hiking season. The trails were well worn in, well marked, so they were easy to follow. The trails are clean and well maintained except for one of the footbridges. The bridge is in need of repair as one of the main supports is cracked and the bridge is sagging. to one side. Other than that blemish, it was great. I plan on spending the entire day at Mashamoquet next time and enjoy a picnic, swimming and do the hike again.

I love this hike! It's easy enough for anyone in reasonable shape but has a couple steep up hills so you still get some legit exercise, too. We had a picnic lunch on table rock. Keep dogs on leashes, there were some horses on the trail

Mashamoquet is one of my favorite places to go hiking in Connecticut. There are several different access points to the park, so it's a completely different experience depending on which location you enter from. I tend to cycle through the various trailheads to keep it interesting. The marking for the trails could be a little bit better than it is, as it gets slightly confusing at times if you don't have the map right in front of you, more so if you're entering the trails through the primary entrance on route 44. In addition to the Wolf Den, Indian chair and table rock points of interest, There are also a multitude of picnicking areas, including a large public stone house with fireplaces to have a cookout. Two points of note for any new people to the park 1) my favorite time is the dead of winter when the varying heights of river water create awesome ice structures. 2) there is a small but fun loop trail at the Wolf Den campground (as opposed to the actual Wolf Den) which is great for a short walk with the kids. There is a wooden walkway that goes over into a large pond where you are sure to see some type of wildlife almost every time without exception... Mashamoquet is a place you can keep coming back to for years and years without experiencing the whole park...