Hike the Blue Trail across Cobble Mountain and other peaks for outstanding views of the Catskill and Taconic mountains which offer splendid foliage viewing.

A beautiful hike to do on a colorful fall day and I definitely got a good workout in! Can't wait to come back again. However, not with a dog - this hike is not small child or large dog friendly (in my opinion) I did the entire blue trail from the east side of the parking lot (counter clockwise) with my dog. Everything was perfect until I got to a boulder that I couldn't get my dog over. She's 90lbs so I couldn't carry her over, so I had to make my own trail to the top. Going down was very difficult as well, to get my dog over the boulders on the way down Besides those small obstacles, this is one of the top 5 hikes in CT in terms of view and ...it's a loop trails! Love the loops:)

we did almost half of it: O-G-B. Overall, it was nice. three look-out which were ok, didn't see any other hikers on the trail, had to climb pretty steep rocks on track G. very easy to follow the trail.

Great views loved the hike.

Wow what a hike is all I can say....some areas straight ledge with climb after climb but getting on top of cobble mountain....wow!!!

Really nice hike, great views on top of Cobble Mountain, however reeeally steep going up/down the mountain.

I did the blue blaze trail at the begin of the park!! It was tough at times but loved the views when on top it joined with the white trail going down was tougher straight rock wall!!! Beautiful and quiet!! Perfect place!! Will be back!!!

Hiked to a Scenic Vista as part of the Skys the limit challenge. Great hike lots of up hill climb. Hit up a few geocaches and really enjoyed the trail (white) Going to head back here some time and explore more.

Great trail. Healthy forest and good foot path. Basically dry except for small streams that pass over the trail

It was a very nice hike. I'll be back for another hike, in another season

This is one of my top ten hikes in CT. No matter the season it is beautiful and challenging. We picked a beautiful day with very little snow to train a little with my new boots and a 35 lb pack. This trail, once again, did not disappoint. The counterclockwise route is my favorite direction as you get the ridge views to NY and MA at the end. A just reward for the effort!

Good as long as stay on blue trail or easy to get lost

Very peaceful, and challenging.
Great views!

Quiet, peaceful, and beautiful! The blue trail is very well marked and easy to follow if you want to do the entire 7mi loop. (If it gets to be too much for you, there are cut-off trails that lead back to the main access road.) Trails are narrow, but easy to follow.

We took the suggestion of hiking it counter-clockwise, and we're glad we did. I can't imagine going down that one scramble about two miles from the trail's end - up was much easier, especially with the dogs. The first half was definitely "in the woods" with no views, but the second half, where the terrain got a little rockier and more interesting, was well worth it. Took about 3.5 - 4 hours to complete the entire blue trail, stopping for pictures.

1 year ago

I took the blue trail from the main park road going West (clockwise) then cut back down once I got on to the orange trail. This was easily one of my favorite trails. Narrow but easily to follow and well marked trails. Beautiful views to the west which make it worth it.

Note: if going clockwise, the blue trail gets to a very steep portion where it may be difficult for some to go down. This could be why some choose to hike it going counter-clockwise.

Beautiful hike with great views from the top of Cobble Mountain, where we had to go for the CT DEEP Sky's the Limit Challenge. Definitely a workout for my husband, dog and myself but we think that we ended up off the intended trail, the blue trail is well marked and would use that trail on our next trip out here. Tried to take the orange & white trails and lost the markers on the way up to Cobble from the park office. Much easier finding the white trail on the way back down.. very beautiful view from the scenic overview.

1 year ago

My husband and I were doing the CT summit challenge and headed off cheerfully on the West side of the blue trail - great until after the second lookout point where the trail goes down and turns into a brief but alarming rock climb down - better to start from the east side if you're doing this trail and are not a climber! tough for dogs and wrinklies, but a beautiful park and trail.