Wander across the covered bridge, hike the falls, and feel the mist on your face as water cascades 250' down on its way to joining the Housatonic River.

Beautiful Falls. Nice cemented stairways halfway up then worn out path with various decks to stop and admire the falls.
I took the Northtrail on the other side of the falls back to the parking area. It hugs the ledge on that side so not for little ones. Not much of view in summer on that side
Free entrance weekdays else state park fees on weekend during summer months.

Easy and flat but the nats and mosquitos made this 5 mile stretch of our 10 mile AT hike rather annoying... Bring your head net!! Some nice river views and some very cool wild flower pastures with peaks in the background. Saw a beaver and a couple herons for wild life.

Spectacular spot to hang out, grill, play games in the field and of course, walk up along the biggest waterfalls in the area

Beautiful 10 mile hike I use with my scout troop for first time 10 milers. We saw an osprey this time.

Great way to spend a day. Little picnic area at the bottom with lots of grass. The walk up to the top was pretty easy. Steps and trail. The falls were beautiful. Lots of water right now. We did the trail up to the top then right back down. Next time we will try the other trails.

Beautiful trail.. Not much elevation.

Great view!!! The best thing to do the next morning after a snowy night!!
Bring a knife so you can grave your name on the many many engraved threes up there!! ...(I didn't have one so, I have to come back) :) #ILoveIt

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Started on River Road in Kent, which is a dirt road that dead ends at a gate and the trail head. Walked about two miles and then turned and came back. It is a very nice section of the Appalachian trail that follows the Housatonic River. The trail here is wide and very easy to walk. The river is wide and shallow. Saw many people on the trail, some fishing, some hiking, and some thru-hikers of the AT. Beautiful scenery

This was a great little hike with an adorable nearby town. Parking free and abundant, main restroom closed up but an outhouse one person potty (gross) available. picnic grounds available. Neat covered bridge entrance. The falls are extremely neat to see and take pictures next to. Be prepared for a STEEP ascent of steps and trail at the beginning. You can easily view the falls and turn back we instead hiked the back end which was woodsy and muddy with some wash out areas. Trails are less then well marked in that rear loop. buggy wear spray. We headed to town afterwards for a yummy ice cream and to view some really neat metal sculptures from a local artist that are placed around town.

Nice park. Easy hike. Most of the way up is in stairs built on the trail.

The falls are bigger and more beautiful than I expected…very rugged looking, and after a long, wet spring, the falls were very impressive.

The hike is not much to speak of..there is a trail on each side of the falls. Looking at the falls, the trail on the right side was easier, with stairs in some sections…it was also more crowded. The trail on the left was more of a hiking trail, but I think going up and back down is short of a mile. You can go up one one side, and then down the other.

It is a great place to take kids, but swimming is not allowed. Seems to be a very popular spot for picnics and family gatherings. Not what you would call a wilderness experience, but still an unexpected find.

There were a couple of vendors in the parking lot, selling hot dogs, water, etc, but I would recommend bringing your own food and water, Alcohol is not allowed. I am not a CT resident, and I paid $15 for parking (all the more reason to make a day or afternoon of it).

Great place to go during the week! Very busy on weekends and $15 for non-residents of CT. Hike up to the road, cross the bridge and take yellow trail back to the parking lot. Hang out at the park afterwards and have picnic.

Beautiful beautiful place to be!!! Amazing views!!

One of the best places in CT to take the kids hiking. Highly recommend doing this easy loop any season of the year.