mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice ride for first time out in a while. A couple of small hills to challenge you with great downhill pay back!

Good length and varied scenery.

beautiful views and an easy first hike!

Great for running or an easy hike

5 months ago

Very flat trail. Good for running

nice groomed, easy walk.

for first time hiking this was a very good trail .

Lately there has been mass destruction on the powerline stretch of the reservoir. Heavy equipment was brought in to destroy beautiful fields, trees and mountain laurel. Management has destroyed this trail, hopefully it will recover in 5 to 10 years. This used to be a great spot.

It's nice and quite for walking. It has limited hours

I hiked this area with a friend who wore a baby on her backpack. We actually started here and cut across the metacomet, to Hueblein tower, then came back and walked around the other side of the reservoir. It was a nice hike.

trail running
8 months ago

Beautiful views great for an easy fun trail run.

The trail is flat and wide, making it very popular among runners and dog walkers. It was nice looking out over the water and seeing the Hartford skyline. There were dozens of geese hanging about too. Mud seemed to be a problem in quite a few places, but I imagine that can change with the seasons. The path hugs the road and passes the water treatment plant, so you won't get a real nature vibe, but it's easy to tack on a trip up Talcott Mountain and get more of a woodland feel.

Great Place to hike with the family. Dogs too!!

Very attractive walk great for beginners. If you get ambitious you can detour to the Metacomet and hike to Heublin tower.