Gay City State Park offers a glimpse into Connecticut's industrial roots with over 1500 acres of endless opportunities for outdoor fun including the exploration of extinct mill-town ruins and stone foundations.

Not much to it. Downloaded the map.
Started on the blue trailed crossed over to the red "Garnet" trail , which went nowhere. Crossed back to the blue/white trail and again just went nowhere. Went about 4 miles with no views, sites, direction. Should of just went out to the woods behind my house.
At least the day was nice.

Beautiful trail

mountain biking
1 month ago

This place is good for beginners who want to get the taste of hardcore downhills when it comes to biking. This is not a very long trail but some patches are very rugged and rocky which will give u a feel of pure mountain biking.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This trail is really good if you want to hike or mountain bike. The difficulty is definitely moderate and the trail size is small. There are many rocky down hills but nothing crazy. Not for average bikes because the terrain is bumpy at places.

Beautiful, peaceful, pristinely maintained and well-marked trail. At many points, all I could hear was nature sounds, which is all too rare on CT trails. I turned around at the 3-mile mark and walked back through a steady rain. A lovely retreat into nature.

This was a fabulous hike! Tons of choices, easy to follow trail maps at various points. Signposts state which trails are easiest. I loved that the red trail had some elevation and slightly more challenging areas.

6 months ago

For an easy afternoon hike with several nice views of ponds and Brooks, this is a great trail.

This State Park offers so much for a family day. There is swimming, hiking, & fishing. There is also a nice picnic area and rec field. The trails we hiked were moderate to easy most of the time. We did the majority of the Red Trail and then ventured out on the Blue Trail, Shenipset trail that took us to Birch Mountain Road and across it where we entered another trail system. ( See my tracks) We extended the hike to just under 10 miles. The trails were very well marked and interesting to follow. There were hills, brooks, rivers and a small lake or two.The trails are clean and the scenery varying. It will make a most picturesque hike once the leaves are out.
See the photos for a map of the other trail system across Birch Mountain Road.

horseback riding
9 months ago

Beautiful but a bit rocky grateful pony had on trail boots

10 months ago

10 months ago

It was super rainy today and cold but I got out there to get a general overallfeel. My GPS showed a lake and sure enough there was and it was wonderful! There were some big rocks along the way to explore which were cool and the trails go on for miles and miles. Definitely pretty and curious to see if I come back on a better day how much more there is out there. Very pretty and would absolutely come back. Thinking next time bring my tent and gear and sleep overnight out here maybe song the shenipset lake I believe it is called. Overall great hike and def coming back here again.

One of my regular spots. There are so many places to stop. So peaceful. One of my favorite places is the large boulder and also to the left of the pond on the way in. The old stonework there is beautiful, and it is complimented by the brook next to it. There is a lot here to discover.

The red loop is a very pleasant relatively flat 6 or so miles.
It has some road, un paved road and some single track.
This morning we saw 2 owls in a nearby tree which was a nice treat.

horse flies, horse flies, horse flies. sorry i have nothing more to add as my entire 5 mile hike was ruined guessed it, horse flies.