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3 months ago

Nice views

3 months ago

July 12, 2016 At end of hike, a mother bear and 3 cubs about 1/4 mile from trailhead on Legeyt Rd Rt 179. Had to backtrack and take a different trail back. Easy walk to the caves. The trail starts near the second pond. Tricky to get to tops of caves. Very cool.

Nice trail, very peaceful, tons of birds. Definitely moderate not easy with lots of ups and downs and some rocks to scramble over at the end in order to explore the caves. Everyone's tips posted here to cross the street and jump the guardrail together trailhead were very helpful, thanks! Lots of chipmunks but no bears for us.

I walked at a good clip for an hour and never hit the caves. I went alone, which I would not recommend as the trail is very remote and bears live in the area. I would say it's moderately difficult. Small hills and lots of rocks/tree roots.

Well we ran into bears

Quite interesting and I would say it's an easy/moderate trail

The trail was pretty decent. I'm glad I read the reviews to know we had to cross the street to get to the trail. It wasn't my favorite trail, but it was pretty. I thought the caves were going to be more spectacular than they were. The trail is marked very well so it's hard to miss where you have to go. The trail itself doesn't look like much. You have to single file through it because it's not wide enough to walk side by side. I probably won't head back to this one but it's fun just being out in nature.

First moderate hike for our group. A little long for our nine year olds, but they enjoyed the challenge!

Pretty decent trail.

I loved this trail! Such amazing views once you get almost done!

I loved this trail! I am glad someone mentioned the trail being across the street considering it is blocked by a guard rail I never would have known! But trail is beautiful lots of rocks with ascents and descents. Hiked it with my one year old golden retriever and she loved it as much as me! Id like to go back when foliage is all bloomed! Rock caves at end very cool as well. Loved how I was able to hike entire trail without seeing a soul!

This was a first time hike for my kids and first in many years for myself. it was quite a challenge but totally worth it. Beautiful scenery and easy to follow. I would do it again!!

This is my go-to hiking spot. There's a good amount of change in scenery and it has some difficult spots. My dog and I love to stop at the stream, which is about halfway through.

Really nice trail.
A little confusing to find. We originally started a trail across the street then realized we were on the wrong one.
Once we got on the trail it was great!
The cave at the end was neat. Small, but cool to see with all the rocks.

One tid bit of advice: you have to cross the road to get on the trail head. It's not the trail right at the parking lot. That is the Ratlum Trail. I give this trail a 4 because of the confusion to find it.

very nice area, not much of a view. The caves and rocks are very cool. Definitely not a difficult hike.