on East Rock Loop Trail

scenic driving
3 months ago

Great view of new haven and surrounding areas- can see Long Island on a clear day! Also nice that you can choose to drive up or hike (or bike or run!) to the summit and there are plenty of trails that branch out around the park

4 months ago

Nice geocache at the top where the monument is and a nice letter box on a sister peak.

5 months ago

great view at the top and the giant steps are super fun.

6 months ago

Easy climb for a nice walk, jog, or run.

8 months ago

trail running
1 year ago

I love running at East Rock. The trails are easy on my knees and sometimes I run on the access road because it isn't as steep going up.

3 years ago

Jogged from just east of the Yale University campus to the trailhead. There is a lovely covered bridge near the dam which you will find if you hike or jog the trail along the side of the creek. From there we hiked uphill. Trails are mostly singly rack and easy to moderate. You can always bail out to the access road. Beautiful views of the city of New Haven and surroundings, especially in the morning. We hiked down the big steps on the south rock face which are steep but have a railing, then jogged back along the creek again.

good place to go and have a great view of New Haven