Activities: Bird Watching, Car-top Boating, Picnicking Services: Fishing Pier, Access to Connecticut River

Fun place to hang out

Such a fun day!

Short, easy trails that are usually full of people and children. The trails in the woods are not well marked. When I feel like a quick stroll it's nice with some lovely views. But it's not great when my dogs and I have serious energy to burn, or when I don't feel like company.

4 months ago

5 months ago

Easy family hike. Short trails. Trails aren't marked very well and there are several off shoots that aren't marked. Nice views of the CT River from the castle.

5 months ago

Nice, very short hike down to the Connecticut River and back up. Very simple hike. The castle has amazing views of the river

5 months ago

Relaxing, short, easy walk with children.

This hike through the grounds of Gillette Castle is easy and suitable for all ages. Trails pass near the Connecticut River and feature a railroad bridge left from the railroad that was once on the estate. The December weekend I visited, the castle was open to visitors and decorated for the Christmas holidays. In the picnic area, a bonfire and hot cider were provided so that could take the chill off. I understand this was done to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the castle's inception and am not sure whether it will become an annual tradition.


I love to photograph my clients here. The outdoor settings and structures are beautiful as backgrounds for my clients and their families.

trail running
1 year ago

Nice views but not many trails

Trails are two easy

Beautiful views of the Connecticut River, nice easy hike for families

One interesting castle. A lot of history. Castle is closed in the winter, but I came back in the summer. But the grounds are beautiful & the views were good. Serious birds. Nice hiking. Family friendly. Concession on premises.

4 years ago

Too busy and the trails were really overused. Not much good hiking but the castle is interesting.

I grew up going to Gilette's Castle. Its a beautiful area but the trail is too easy for a hiker, much better for a stroll.

5 years ago

Memories a bit rusty, but I went here last winter for hiking. Various trails as I recall, some great vistas right on the river, at a nice elevation. We watched bald eagles from above, as they fished below us. The castle is incredible in its own right, just been restored. Easy, scenic, though we didn't pursue anything strenuous, and it may exist. Have some pix here.