Life-like sculptures of bears and wolves welcome your arrival to this peaceful and tranquil setting featuring open fields and dense woodlands. The park was donated to the citizens of Connecticut by the internationally renowned Huntington family.

live near so we hike these trails often. we park in the lower parking spot near Poverty Hollow rd. not many hikers use this entrance. Makes for a peaceful hike.

Well marked and defined bridle, and single tracks for trail running, mountain biking and hiking. This is my go to spot during the fall and when I want to work on my speed, or just get an easy run in.

super sexy

I absolutely loved this trail! It was so peaceful and not difficult at all! Great if you want to get in a good workout!

No views that I could see but I liked the way this was set up where you could cut through to make the hike shorter at any time or continue

Extra wide trails make for lots of use by bikers and horses. The numerous narrow and unmarked trails are better.

trail running
10 months ago

This park has a good combination of wide, simple trails and some more challenging single track. There are some nice water features and some interesting boulders. It's nice to head of the main trails and take some of the smaller trails that zig-zag through the woods and mountain laurel.

Excellent, have hiked blue trail a couple of times a week on average over the last year.

trail running
11 months ago

Love this place for low elevation trail runs. Great terrain.

Great park for just about everything. Have hiked just about every inch of this place, mountain biked through, scenic runs and even a few nice little swims. Great place to go out on a canoe or kayak. There is a tiny little island out on the larger body of water which has a little replica of a lighthouse. Water is deep enough to jump in from the tower, one of my favorite spots to relax by.

A nice, level trail great for walking the dogs on. Lovely trees and ponds and streams for scenery. Really picturesque on a fall afternoon, I look forward to going back and doing some trail running there.

Nice walk.

mountain biking
1 year ago

First day biking at Huntington. We hooked up with a regular who was leaving. Jared unloaded his bike and graciously gave us a 5 mile tour of the park. I loved it! Lots for everyone. In my limited experience, there seemed to be plenty of trails for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Can't wait to go back next weekend.

Words can't say enough. Very accessible year round, bring your dog, hike, ski, sled, boat, fish etc. Endless choice of trails.

Snowshoeing with the dogs. Lots of trails to go deep into the woods and allow dogs to run.