5 months ago

beautiful day for a hike. watched markers carefully and still ended up in the wrong place. these woods are really lovely. well worth the mix up.

10 months ago

3 years ago

I have hiked the Guilford half of this system several times and loved it, so I decided to try the Branford ones. I entered from Red Hill Rd and instantly realized that the trails are poorly marked. The blazes were faded and VERY far apart. I had a trail map, so I had planned to go down the orange square trail and return to my car by way of the green/orange trail. Finding that second trail was an ordeal in and of itself. Then once I was on it, the trail became more and more rocky. My poor dog, who goes hiking with me often, had a really hard time with it. He's a 65lb pointer mix and he was really struggling with the rockiness of this trail. I don't even know if we were really on the green.orange trail due to the above mentioned problem with markers. I would see a white circle, then a green blaze, than an orange at random intervals. I finally, when faced with a 6ft straight up rock (which I could do, but not my dog) blocking a trail hemmed in by 2 stories of rock on both sides, turned aside and made my own trail back to the orange trail and just back tracked. Worse hike I've ever been on with my mutt. We'll stick with the Guilford side!

4 years ago

My fianc and I hiked the green square/orange circle/blue square trail with our mini schnauzer. A nice, moderate trail that was very pleasant. A quiet trail as well which is a plus. We only came across 3 other hikers.

5 years ago

Love this place

on West Woods

6 years ago

Hiked this trail 10/21/210 in Guilford, CT. I hiked only the white circle trail and offshoot, white square trail. Both trails were easy to moderate with the moderate area adjacent to eaastern edge of the salt marsh/estuary area because of some granite boulder "scramble" for a short way.
There is evidence of a rather extensive fire that must have occurred some time ago at the upper reaches of the white circle trail.
It was a beautiful fall day and my springer spaniel, Buddy, and I enjoyed the experience and Buddy also enjoyed breaking the leash rule during our trip. This, of course, is not recommended for trail-friendly hikers. We left no mess, however.