Bluff Point Coastal Reserve offers the visitor a delightful mixture of wooded hiking and biking trails coupled with spectacular wildlife viewing on Long Island Sound.

Great trek along relatively flat, well marked trail. Terrific scenery. Would be lots of fun on a bike too. Definitely will do this one again.

Great little hiking spot for the family or a date... Not aggressive at all and very pretty views.

beauty all around

Easy trail for all purposes - mountain bike, equestrian, run, walk. Good beach just off trail, lots of flora and fauna to see. Great sunset and sunrise vistas.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great views. Lots of gravel halfway through the main trail. Maybe not suitable for small children or those not completely comfortable on a bike but still a great place to hike or to learn riding on rough terrain. The fire roads to the left of the main trail make for a comfortable ride to fishing areas, about a 2 mile loop.

Will recommend to friends & family. We will definitely go back to bike, hike, and just enjoy the nature :)

This is my absolute favorite trail! There are amazing views of the forest, Fisher's island, and Bushy point beach. The trail is very easy, but over 3 miles. The side trails can get very muddy, but it is worth exploring the eastern shore and interior.

trail running
4 months ago

This is a great spot for those looking to get into trail running. Clockwise is more difficult at the start, but makes for an easy finish. There are many smaller trails that go around the point, including a small trail on the water at the southern end along the rocks. Trail is wide enough for 3-4 people as well. The area between the loop is a great spot for some easy to moderate mountain biking.I usually run this once a week, adding a loop through the center portion for more elevation gain, and added distance.

Nice trail, great views, nice beaches.

easy hike... can be windy, lots of vegetation on both sides of the trail which is very wide and clean. If you are cycling bring a mountain bike as the trail is duty and has lots of smaller rocks. I saw many individuals walking alone, with family, and dogs. Tooke me about an hour an 15 minutes to do the walk. Parking is adequate for the area.

trail running
6 months ago

Nice wide loop trail through woodlands and along waterfront with good views. My wife and I ran this trail on 5/31/16. There were lots of cars in the parking lot but we didn't see a lot of people on the trail. About 100 yards in from the trailhead, the trail forks. We chose to go left, clockwise around the loop, figuring that we would save the water side for the return. Turns out that all the elevation gain on this trail happens right after the fork to the left. It's quite gradual gain but a little tough to start out up a hill. Just after the trail turns back along the water side there is a nice sand spit beach, which we explored a bit before returning to the trail. At an easy pace, with a few stops to enjoy the views and read historical markers, we finished the trail in about an hour. Would definitely do this one again.

Slow easy riding.