Tucked into the scenic rolling hills of the Western Highlands, 439-acre Black Rock offers a variety of outdoor activities. Steep, wooded ledges covered with pine, hemlock and oak provide the setting for Black Rock Pond.

1 month ago

Good hike. About an hour.

I noticed other reviewers saying that they couldn't find the cave. When you are at the top, it's beneath you. Keep to the right, when the trail forks, go left. There should be a sign.

More than moderate. Climbing up rocks continuously was tough.

Went to this trail this afternoon nice hike, but a little bit confusing to find. We went off of the loop path for about a half of a mile, but found our way back. Once on the path it was nice, some steep inclines but not all that challenging. We realized on the way back how to get on the loop trail. When you enter the park to the left of the first parking lot there is a sign with people hiking on it, you go past the sign and follow it down past a little pond. Then you will see a big bridge on the left and a smaller bridge straight in font of you, you go over the smaller bridge and there is a fork in the path, you bare to the right and go up the path and you will come to a second fork in the path ( one blue path one red) both are the loop you can pick what side you you want to start with.

I forgot to add. The total loop of the hike that we did was 3.85 miles.

Moderate trail. We started at Blackrock State Park and headed towards Leathermans cave by crossing Bidwell Hill Rd. We took the blue trail around and over the top of the caves and then down around the entrance to the cave, eventually picking up the yellow blue trail. There were some rocks that were climbed and caves to crawl through. My friend had her 25 lb toddler in a backpack and was able to do the hike without too many issues.

Definitely a moderate hike. A few challenging rock climbs that had us crab crawling up. Overall, beautiful scenery and cave is definitely a plus. I did some reading up on "The Leatherman" before going. It brought some historical perspective to the journey which I found interesting.

Good trail, some parts were slippery

5 months ago

This hike was good! be warned that we had to pay for parking and they only take cash. if it hadn't been for the park attendant giving us directions to the trail, I'm not sure I would have known where to go. The trail had a few steep sections, but wasn't challenging if you didn't rush it. A section of the red trail on the way out was a bit sketchy, with downed trees and overgrowth. I thought we'd taking a wrong turn! View at the top was pretty!

Definitely moderate hike. The trail was well marked with beautiful scenery all around. Trail ground-- some sections just dirt and many sections Rocky... big and small. Crab crawl down from rocks helpful. Extra caution needed in cliff like areas. Not a lot of traffic ... truly felt out there by yourself
Cave area fun to see and explore. Worth the hike. Coming back...easy!!

Beautiful. We hiked it from the side of the road, to the cave, took a different path back to the road, and ended up about a mile from my car. My children, ages 11, 9, and 3, loved it. My 3 year old had a little trouble climbing; he had to "crab walk" up. Our mileage total said 5.something miles. We're gonna feel it tomorrow!

super hard climbing

Had a lot of fun of this trail, though I also had someone who grew up at the is park guiding me. Otherwise it may have been difficult to navigate. But, the view at the top was great and I had fun hiking up, even if most of it is a bit steep. Not exactly the easiest hike but certainly doable.

I have to admit finding the beginning of the trail was odd. No clearly marked signs. No fee as I went before Memorial Day. Beautiful view from the top but it's straight up & you get there fast.