Lots of broken glass & some graffiti :/ otherwise nice views from the top

Nice little hike, a lot of side hilling at one point, grades are only moderate and not difficult at all.
There is no waterfall and this icon should be removed.

This was a nice quick hike to meet a friend. Moderate to easy

Great trail, would rate it more moderate. Great views of downtown Hartford. I did bring my mountain goat pup, she picked up a few ticks, otherwise I would of given it a 5 star.

the directions bring you to what looks like a trail head with nowhere to park?

This is a very nice hike. It has good views. I wouldn’t rate it “hard”. Depends upon your frame of context. It IS one of the more technical trails in the general Hartford area. A lot of ups and downs and some rocks. Good fun here. Don’t let the rating scare you. It’s a nice feeling looking back at the towers from anywhere in the Hartford area and say “I did that”

Overall good trail. A little steep at times, good vistas. I did route six to the Nike Missile silo and back. I didn't have too much time to explore but the Missile silo wasn't much to see from the trail, but pinnacle rock was cool. LOTS OF POISON IVY! So watch out. It also gets slippery in the rain, especially the roots.

hiked from RT 6 to rattlesnake mountain where the Nike Missle base was formerly located. There are some terrific views and it is definitely a Moderate hike not sure about the Hard rating.

2 years ago

This is a great trail and i think the main description is misleading somewhat... The Metacomet trail (blue marks) can be accessed from rt. 6 in Farmington or off of Pinacle street in Plainfield. I live near it so I hike it all the time. From rt. 6 you climb up to where the towers are and then continue on to the Rattlesnake cliff, then decend down and go through bunch of up and downs valleys to the Pinacle cliff. That's about 2.2 miles of decent hiking. From there you can keep going all the way to Plainville which is maybe another 3 miles (that's my best estimate so don't quote me on it), or just turn back and call it a day. You definitely get your heart pumping hiking just 4.5 miles to the second cliff.

There is another trail (more like a dirt road) there that is used for road biking, 4 wheelers and dirt bikes but i never tried it and have no idea how long it is or where it's going.

Walked blue trail with 3 kids, (7 yrs and two 5 yrs). Walked up about an hour, a few spots a little intimidating for kids but they loved the trail. Definitely will be going back when we have more time to walk further. Trail was marked well.

Great trail, did the 20 miles in 2 hours.