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White River National Forest is the most visited national forest in the nation encompassing 2.3 million acres of opportunities. With 11 ski resorts, eight Wilderness areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet and 2,500 miles of trails.

3 days ago

We hiked this trail, which leads into a network of other trails. it was snow packed. I work hiking shoes and my husband wore trail runners with yak tracks. Great sunny trail with good about of foot and bike traffic. Lots of little mining shacks along the way.

6-8 inches of fresh powder the whole way! Took about 7.5 hours on foot due to the snow. Well worth it!

One of the best hikes that ends in a perfect serene location.

Not sure we ever officially saw "lionshead rock," and it should be noted the trail is VERY difficult in snow. That said, it was beautiful!

Such a beautiful hike! Creeks, aspens, fields with wildflowers, hot springs... doesn't get any better than this. It can be a little tough at times with the elevation gain, but it's all worth it! Love the little camping area in the trees too.

Not my favorite trail. The views are outstanding, especially on a clear day. And you get a few different hiking experiences during the overall trail. However, the boulder field ruined it for me. A solid majority of the trail is spent going through the boulders on the way up and back down. You have to pay attention and follow the rock stacks. It gets a bit old and is somewhat dangerous with lots of loose rocks. This trail is difficult and everyone should expect at least 4 hours to complete it.

Barren in winter but great views

Beautiful views today. More snow on this hike than we expected. Layer up as the majority of the hike you are in the shade. Sun drenched at the top though. We want to come back and see it in the summer

13 days ago

Not really sure why the app shows the trail starting so far back...also not sure why the trail isn't actually displayed, but it does exist and it's labeled/viable from the road. Easy parking. Great hike! Definitely a climb especially towards the top. Went when there was lots of snow on the trail. Makes it a little more challenging but manageable. Views from the top are beautiful! Follow the signs you'll run into another path but it's easily labeled (take a left).

So glad I watched the YouTube video before tackling this trail. Every time I started feeling tired, I thought about the fact that I was only carrying a backpack that weighed about 5 lbs. compared to the 30-60 lbs. of equipment the firefighters were carrying. It definitely reinforced my respect for firefighters.

15 days ago

Picked the perfect day. It was cold and cloudy and only two other people joined me at the lake. The turquoise color and clarity of the water is exceptional. Well worth the effort!

16 days ago

This trail was really fun. The only challenging part of this hike was the ice. Going up the slippery slope was a little sketch but in the end the view was worth it. We stayed till the sun went down and used our headlamps to hike back down. Being the last one to leave the trail was exciting.

This trail is not 4.0 miles to the top and back. It is actually 12.4 miles round trip. We enjoyed the hike, but it was a long hike. Beautiful views of the entire Lake Dillon valley. One of the best views in the county.

17 days ago

17 days ago

Started at the Reiling Dredge Trailhead and went up the Minnie Mine Trail on to the Sidedoor trail and the back to the parking lot on an unmarked trail. 2 miles and 450' elevation. Great little trail with many mining ruins. Lots of trails zig zagging through area so be sure to look at map. Great views of town and ski hill. Good with dog and kids.

Short hike, beautiful lake at the top. Crowded trail but worth it for a relaxed fun trip.