trail running
2 months ago

Well-maintained generally though sometimes the path is very muddy or cracked from heavy rainfall or snowmelt. We've walked nearly all the different sections with our dogs and have been using the trail regularly for running. Beautiful views and lots of wildlife. We've seen hawks, magpies, bald eagles, prairie dogs, and even a random coyote or two! The only downside is the lack of shade--wear a hat and lots of sunscreen!

mountain biking
4 months ago

I enjoyed biking up to Standley Lake. The open space offered concrete and gravel trails. They were steep at times and you could ride 25 miles and remain on the trail. Made for a good workout with plenty of nice views.

road biking
5 months ago

A decent flat winding course that does not really offer too much difficulty. This is a huge trail that runs all the way up, down, and around Westminster parts of it are fun other parts to seem like a freeway to get to wherever you're going. If you are biking you can really get around this area very quickly there are lots of water to go over and overall it is very pleasant with lots of parks and stops all along the way.

Great ride! Started at Metzker farm, and rode through to Stanley lake. Great break in ride for the beginning of the season.

Had a great time on this trail although it was busy with other riders, walkers, runners and dogs. Great dirt/path combinations. Would not suggest picking up the trail head where the directions take you, we ended up in a residential neighborhood. I would suggest parking near the hotels that are right there; la Quinta, Drury inn, Marriott. All in all it was a great beginner trail with slight hills and mostly flat path.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Biked this trail from Bradburn neighborhood to Stanley Lake. It was about a 15 mile ride, including riding to the visitors center at the lake. There are eagles nesting at the park so you are unable to ride around the lake. The visitors center has telescopes set up. We saw the mama eagle and her babies nesting. Awesome. Susan did a great job learning how to ride with her new bike shoes. Only fell twice before figuring out how to unclip her shoes when stopping. Two scrapped knees. We were fortunate to be on the trail on a Thursday morning. We had the trail mostly to ourselves.

Thanks Barry. Your help/advice made all the difference. I appreciate it.

Hi Kevin. You finally got your Guide published. Congratulations. Looks like a great trail. I look forward to reading more of your contributions.