2 months ago

This was a great training trail for the Colorado Trail segments I am hoping to do next year. Good length, lots of up and lots of down. I found the intense steepness of the stairs a bit intimidating but I got through it. I went midweek and only saw a handful of bikers and trail runners. I started late this time and wanted to get back to car before dark, but next time I will definitely leave early enough to enjoy time near the So. Boulder Creek. For me, it was moderate to hard. Will definitely do it again.

Pretty good 2 hour hike doing 1/3 of the way round trip

Does anyone else question if this is actually 7.5?

Gorgeous sceneries; we even saw a deer. It is rated as hard but it's just a long hike. I took my mom, she is not a hiker and made it and enjoyed it. I Loved it! The river is amazing. Definitely going back.

Amazing route with almost every type of scenery you could want. 7 mile loop with a few uphill climbs but it's so worth it

Great hike, not too difficult, more moderate than hard. Loved the scenery, not too crowded for a Sunday afternoon either!

Great trail. Not at all busy on a Friday. We went counter clockwise and had no problems. Got a little nervous when we started out going downhill, but that'll happen either way you go and it turned out to be a gorgeous trail and well worth the climbs later on. Varied terrain including forest, meadows, and rushing water. Lots of steep stairs at one point- bikers might want to go clockwise so as to avoid carrying a bike down the stairs- they really are steep and directly next to a drop into the creek; it might be easier to go up instead. Overall a fantastic hike!

Sweet trail. First of the year for me, was a good challenge. A little bit of everything.

This was a great hike. We went clockwise as we didn't read any reviews. No problems with the hike. Great climbs, some steep and other gradual. The climb down by the creek was tough and anyone biking would have to carry their bike up or down there. A lot of different types of views. Bring plenty of water. Took us 4 and a half hours but we hung a hammock about half way and took a little break.

This is a beautiful hike, many ups and downs, beautiful views of rivers, meadows, and mountains, a little bit of everything if you do the entire length. Did this hike for some distance training and loved it.

Serene and challenging hike. Saw few people hiking & mountain biking. Perfect hike to get away from it all and still be close to home. Loved hearing and seeing the creek as well as the mountain breezes.

It's a decent hike if you want to get a few hours in but you don't want to go very far out of town. The flowers were blooming when I went (late July). It's pretty open so bring a decent amount of water, especially if you have a pup. The view at the end is nice.

It was an amazing experience, ups and downs I was not disappointed it took my last drop of energy, give it all and I finish !!!!