Great hike! Parking is hard to come by at the Trailhead

Nice area that's easy to get to.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Some great options. FYI. Doesn't just go in a loop.

We have done this trail many times!!!!! Always something new to see!!!

punch bowls

did this hike in summer of 2004.. punch bowls were awesome ..will have to loc pics
to bad it closed...

trail running
3 months ago

Enjoyed it even in the rain

Very quiet and peaceful. More of a stress relief hike than a challenge or workout. Still a new favorite for an easy but pretty walk.

Little shade and gets extremely hot midday because it's in town. The trail was a little confusing too. Bikers are also extremely inconsiderate of hikers and just zoom past you.

Hiked it. Nice if you want a close place to hike in town but poorly marked and not very challenging.

Clean, beautiful trail! Confusing at some sections of the trail but overall very fun!!

6 months ago

Confusing at first, busy but lots too see. We did the larger loop and we're happy to carry a topo
Map. Don't rely on markers.

So this trip started out disappointing. My sister and I veered right because the trails looked less traveled. Well, there's a reason. They suck. They're not marked and you can always hear and/or see the road. We started to head back to where we started and veered left. MUCH better. The trails are a bit more defined and marked. We still got lost but the views were good and the hiking was nice. It took us about 2 hours from start to finish for the entire trip.

There is a parking lot just past the high school with port-o-potties. We started at 0830 and it was pretty slow but we ended around 1010 and the traffic was starting to pick up. Hikers and mountain bikers. It's also popular with dogs.

hike it every week. love this trail!

needs more trail markers.I have never met anyone that has not gotten lost there.

nice in town hiking